Why did they cancel road 10k nationals? Alright, I know this may not concern most of you, but the races available for post collegiate athletes who are kind of near national class but not quiet there sucks big time. There are basically no CC races (I applaud you Boston Mayors Cup and others). A bunch of colleges don't let unnattached runners into their races. Which is their decision, but there are really not that many fall races (road or CC) already, so it only hurts the sport. Track season is just as bad. It's tough to find good track meets that will let you in. Ahh the great support we get. Hell I'm not asking for money or travel or hotel, just a freakin place to line up on the line and race. I'll find a way to get there, just give me a spot on the freaking line at a decent race!

It's no wonder after college so many guys call it quits. It's a shame too because who knows if some of those guys could have breakthroughs soon as so many guys have done before in coming from no where to near the top post collegiately.

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