Sorry for not updating for a while...

Training has been going well. I've had some good workouts.

Anyways, to update on my recent "projects".

-I'm gonna use myself as a guinnie pig to test different types of trainings effect on lactate clearance. Of course it won't be a controlled scientific experiment, but I definately think that I can find some pattern on what kind of training seems to improve lactate clearance.

-I'll probably do a similar experiment using Lactate Threshold/Anaerobic Capacity as the things to measure. I did a similar experiment last year to see what amount of Speed/Sprint training was needed to sustain the Anaerobic Capacity while doing 100mpw of largely endurance work. The results were interesting and definately helpful in regards to my training and others future training. One of these days after I have a lot more data, I'll post or publish it and my findings.

-I'm also doing some research on running biomechanics. I'm taking film of myself running at various speeds through the past several years and looking at it frame by frame. From the frame by frame, I'm looking at stills of different phases of the running cycle and measuring things such as the angle between the lower leg and a 90 degree angle to the ground when ground contact occurs. After that, I'll collect data from some of the top runners in the world and compare it.

That's about it for that stuff.

I'll update on my racing as it goes. I'm hoping to run at Arkansas in the 2nd week of October, then USATF club nat's in Dec. Besides that I'm looking for some bigger CC or road races between then to get into. If you know of any feel free to leave a message.

So So Sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick...

Being sick sucks. It's the worst for a runner whose kind of obsessive like myself because you feel bad backing off in training. I'm a lot better than I used to be. Now I can justify it and convince myself that rest or easy jogging is better for me than hitting some mileage amount for the day, I'll do that. What I've found to work is to work out in my mind what's best for me and give the reasons. That way I can convince myself that maybe an easy day would be better here. In the past I'd just try and run through it and be fried because of it for a while.....

Anyways, just a quick update and some notes. Training, besides the brief bout of sickness, is going well. This season I'm experimenting and trying a couple of new things to see how I respond to them. I'll let you know if they work or not. Anyways, just one of them is that I'm trying to fully develop my LT before moving onto the next phase of training. So that means I'm going deeper into the season with just stuff to improve the LT (LT paced work, then add to the mix some work slightly faster, then add in some good old speed variations of AT/10k pace- all of which seem to improve LT or give it a boost.

Some other training experiments I'm working on (don't want to give away all of them yet. Plus there just theoretical at the moment, so I want to test the results before saying 'hey this is a good idea.') I think I've got a decent workout that should improve your kick. It works in theory and it's a varaition off of what some have done in the past, but I'm intrigued by it. The premise is to first increase total muscle fiber recruitment then try and do a workout where I build up lactate (H+, etc. if you want to get technical with me) then force the body to increase muscle fiber recruitment, then kick. ANyways the theory is that it will teach you to kick by teaching the body to be able to recruit more fibers or sustain fiber recruitment in a highly acidic state. I'll probably test it out once or twice on the HSers first.

Enough for now. cya

Props for this week:
Ben Kozy for winning a 5miler in a solid 25:46ish.
KO kids for running well at montgomery invite. Their coming along and improving nicely.

2x2x2mile race

So I ended up racing yesterday down on the bayou. It was a real low key meet run relay style with UofHouston and Lamar competing. I teamed up with Sesar Figueroa. The meet was kind of different in that each of us ran 2miles twice (So I ran 2mi, handed off to Sesar to run 2mi, then I ran 2mi, then he ran 2mi.) It was kind of different and hard to judge how to pace yourself. Overall it went real well. We ended up winning by almost 2 minutes with a total time of 37:01 for the combined 8 miles.
The first leg my goal was just to chill out behind whoever and try and run relaxed. Well this worked for about 2000m until I got impatient and started putting a bit of a gap on the field. I was actually surprised how easy it felt because I really haven't done anything but thresholds, mileage, and some hill stuff. So nothing too fast or hard.
The second 2miles was a bit tougher because I was trying to push myself with no one any where close by. Plus I think I drank a little bit too much water in between the 2mi. as it was swashing around in my stomach a bit.
Anyways, my splits on my watch were 9:06 and 9:03. So a good day. Sesar ran well too, so it was a good team effort.

Results are here:
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