Year in Review- SUmmer and Cross Country.

Ignoring all the medical problems, it seemed like a good time to do my year in review process. Since I can be a little more objective now, I look back through the log at each days workout as if I was analyzing someone elses trainings. I go through and find the good points and the bad points and see if I can learn anything from it.

So here it goes, the year in review from summer base through track season. I'll highlight certain workouts that went well and that sucked.

Official Summer training started 7/9/06 after I got back from Ireland.

Mileage high-103

Comments: I never realized how much the summer heat and humidity hear killed my normal running pace and more importantly my LT pace. I don't focus on splits and usually just split off a 400m in the middle of a run for feedback purposes, but during the summer, the pace per mile was a good 10sec slower than when it cooled down slightly. In fact, you can tell when it starts to cool down by my LT runs getting better.

What I'd do different: I should have done more 10milers. I had the 20-35min LT runs down but needed an occasional (once every 4 weeks) 10 miler in 51-53min to tie things together.

I also think I got trapped into a pattern of 2 LT workouts and 1 hill sprint. I've got to change the stimulus up a little (which I do over winter base training.)

XC season:
key workouts:
6mi of alternating 1200m at 5:20 mi pace and 400 in 70 on the trails. This was a good workout series to me as I progressively shortened the "slower" portion and lengthened the faster section in later workouts. I really liked how that worked out. Wish I could have done it on the same course, but getting to school changed that.

3x(5x400) in 65 w/ 20sec rest and 5min b/t sets- I really liked this progression too. Definately use a variation of it again. Progressed from this to 3x(4x500) to 3x(3x600) to 4x(2x800) .

What I'd do different- I needed more specific work for the 10k in CC, although I wasn't focusing on it so this wasn't a big oversight. I should have trained more for the race course (i.e. hills) at club nationals. I wasn't prepared to run that way. I was prepared to run fast on flat ground. SHould have taken that into account. Big oversight.

Should have paid more attention to recovery. I think I was cramming too much into a week in some instances. My school schedule was messed up, so I think my recovery and thus adaptation was hurt a little by this.

Track to follow soon.

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