ChilePepper- Can I ever get a break?

So, the first big XC race did not go as hoped or planned. I ended up coming down with a sickness the day before the race. There's not much worse than waking up and your throat hurting from swallowing.

Whenever I get sick, I try and ignore it in my mind thinking that somehow if I do not think about it, it won't effect me. Unfortunately this rarely works and it didn't this time. I gradually felt worse until the race came.

I discussed it with my parents and such and after warming up, I decided I'd give it a go and if I felt like or looked like I was doing more harm than good, then they'd pull me out or I'd drop.

So I started the race and from the get go felt pretty bad. I went out and got about 5m off the back of the front pack, hoping that I could settle into a rhythm. However, about 800m in I felt like the stupid runners, who I always get mad at when I'm running, who go out way too hard and are already breathing like crazy. Today, I was that runner. I sucked it up and tried to calm things down but it was no use. A little after the first 2.5mi loop, I called it a day.

Dissapointing but it was the right decision. When I race all out when I'm sick it pretty much ruins my entire season (see freshman year track season for an example...).

Anyways, I've been trying to sleep it off and get better so that I can get in another good workout or two before conference. There's not much like going to bed at 8:45 and not getting up until 8ish the next day...

Training since last updated:

morning-6 easy
1.5mi w/up, 23:30 LT, 3E, 8:30 LT, 1E, 3 LT, 1mi c/d
LT splits were roughly 4:58-5:04 pace

morn-8 easy
aft-6 easy

15 easy with 15sec accelerations in the last couple miles

10 6mi easy, 8x10sec hill sprints w/ 1:30 jog easy, 2mi c/d


morn-7 easy
aft-1.5mi w/up, 9x300m w/ 100m jog (~30sec) alternating 5k,1mi pace (44, 49, 44, 47, 44, 48, 44, 49, 41) 2mi c/d

morn=8 easy, plus 4x strides

2.5mi w/up, 5LT, 5E, 5LT, 5E, 5min of 10sec hard/50sec easy, 2mi c/d

For the person asking for my XC schedule:
Conference in El Paso- October 27th
Regionals in Arkansas- 2 weeks after that
Nationals in Indiana- 9 days after that

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