I am alive...XC season

I'm alive....sorry for not posting for the few who read.

Quick update:
XC season is here. So far I've done a couple races, but only one real one.

UTEP- Ran with Ahmed and Daniel until 1200m or so to go so it wasn't really a race but it went well. I helped those guys out and made sure they stuck together for as long as possible.

A&M- THis one went well. I felt amazing for 3mi or so and then got a little cramp that kinda threw me off. I ended up 4th in 24:27 for 8k, so a solid start. Aerobically I am incredibly fit, just not sharp at all. The main thing was that I got through the race with no problems!

I won't post all my training since I've last posted b/c that would probably bore you to death. So here's the highlight version and then I'll try and post weekly updates from now on.

Highlights of XC training (mostly workouts):

10mi of:
2mi w/up, 5mi of alternation (400at 10k, 1200-5:25-30ish pace), 2min easy, 1mi alternation, 2mi c/d

UofH track

1mi w/up, 5x400,4x400, 5x400 w/ 30sec b/t reps, 5min b/t sets, WINDY,(64s...65s…63,65,64,64,60(33,14,13) felt a little off, 1.5mi c/d barefoot

10 at Burroughs

2mi w/up , 1mi (4:32),3R, 1mi (4:30), 4min jog to hill, 4x10sec hill sprints, 3R, 2x1mi w/ 3R (total 2mi-9:10, start at sand hill up gravel hill and down fence hill back to sand) 4xhill sprint, 2mi c/d

10mi of:2mi w/up, 5mi of alternation (600at 10k, 1000-5:25-30ish pace), 2min easy, 1mi alternation, 2mi c/d


7mi of
1.5mi w/up, 3x800 (2:13,2:10,2:08) w/ 2:00 rest, 4x hill sprints, 3x800 (2:10,2:09, 2:09), 4xhill sprints, 1.5mi c/ (On gravel so moving good)

2mi w/up, 5miles of alternating 800s- 5x800(2:21-2:23, last one in 2:13(71,62), recovery 800m in (2:35-2:41)

10 mile tempo- controlled- hill loop in 52:30

2.5mi w/up, 3x(600,30secR,600,30sec,400) w/ 5min b/t sets, at 5k pace (65-66 on gravel) then 5min rest and 1,000m in 2:55 w/ guys on hill loop, 1.5mi c/d


  1. Hey, we all know you've got a lot of things going on, being a student-athlete and all.

    I'm curious about the notes you mentioned (on Letsrun.com, I think) that you loaned out to a friend. What sorts of things are on there that aren't on your Web site?

    If you scan them, I'll gladly type them up for you, and you won't have to be without them whenever you lend them out! (And if you'd like to post them, that'd be great too... ;).)

  2. ....very impressive your thoughts on training. found them today and will read them more detailed within the next days. thanks for publishing.

  3. hey, what are you upcoming races for the rest of the year?


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