On to Club Nats and freezing weather

10 with andy, easy, felt bad
The rest of the day was horrible. I came back and thought it was just the cold weather getting me, like yesterday. So I laid underneath some blankets for a while trying to get warm. I then started getting the chills, and took my temperature. It turns out I had a fever of 100 degrees (which is high for me, my normal is in the 96-97 range due to the thyroid thing). As soon as I got up, I started throwing up and dry heaving into the toilet. Turns out I got food poisining, most likely from the Luby's we ate the night before. It was a miserable day.


6mi easy in the afternoon. Felt better, still not 100%.

morn-8mi decent pace
aft-6mi easy

morn-2mi warm up, was supposed to work out during class but professor changed class
aft-9mi at a solid pace (6:10, 5:45-55 middle, 5:40ish last mile)

6mi of a weird workout.....This one needs a lot of explaining...
2mi w/up, 1600 (4:18.1(63,66,65,63)), 800 jog plus rest, 800(57,29,29- 1:55.4), 200 jog, 200 (28.0), 2mi c/d- different workout than I planned.

The original intention was to do 3x1600, progressive starting at low 4:30s and progressing to mid 4:20's. I've been on this kick of running by feel, so I decided that was what I would do. I'd take the splits but not look at them until near the end of the rep. Obviously, by seeing the first mile you can tell my brilliant ingrained pacing skills (they are actually good at 60sec pace....just not so ingrained at slower paces). So after the 1600, I decided doing 3x1600 would be stupid, so I decided to do 2x1600, w/ 800 jog. Since I was 63 the first lap the first 1600, I decided I'd go until 800 without looking at my splits then try and hammer home the last 800. So I take off and was feeling good. Right before the 400m, I thought I was a little fast, so I decided to check the 400m and it was 57. When I saw that, I hit the brakes and thought about how long this 1600 was going to be now because I'm retarded. So at 480m I decided to screw it and run a hard 800m to get a last good anaerobic stimulus. So I went from slowing down to trying to change gears. I ended up running 1:55 low then grabbed the knees for a second and jogged 200m and did a 200m kick in. Overall, it was a very good workout. It felt great to be able to run 1:55 without any problems after a decent 1600m. It got me excited for track.

aft-7 easy

morn-8mi recovery
aft-8mi solid pace, fast first 3mi, steady 2mi, fast last 3mi- fast was probably sub 5:45.

morn-13mi easy + 10x100m w/ 2 easy, 1 good

morn-10mi easy + 10x100m w/ 2 easy, 1 good

morn-7.5mi decent pace
aft-5.5 1mi w/up, 2.1mi loop (10:00, 4:41 at mile), 3min rest, 1mi (4:23), 1.5mi c/d

Last hard workout before Club Nats. It's supposed to be freaking cold (it's in Ohio, duh.) and may be wet so it will be a fun one. I felt like I needed a longer sustained workout to get me ready since last weeks workout was short and fast. So I went with 2.1mi, 1mi. It was done on my 2.1mi loop that is mostly grass with 800m of concrete. I waited until the sun went down a little to cool things off. It was upper 40's, but the wind was blowing hard and with the lack of sun it felt colder. To further accentuate the cold, I went shirtless with short shorts.

The idea was to get used to not being warmed up while running at a fast sustained pace. To accomplish this I went with a short warm up of only 7min followed by a minute or two of light stretching and I ommitted the strides from the normal warm up. The result was that I spent the first part of the 2.1mi getting warmed up. To further simulate this idea, I ran the first minute or so like I was getting out for a race, then settled in. The only split I have on the course is the first mile, which I hit in 4:41. The 2.1mi I felt like I was cruising and was tempted to just finish off the 5k since it would have been pretty fast, but decided that wouldn't be the best idea. Instead I took my 3 minutes of standing recovery and then ran the last mile like I would the last part of the race.

Overall, it was a very productive workout and it felt real easy and comfortable. Good sign of things to come this weekend!

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