Conference and altitude

Racing at altitude sucks, especially if you have never done it before.

There is no other way to put it.

Conference went okay in the sense that I ran tough and finished the race. Other than that, it was the most uncomfrotable race I have ever run. I have never felt like such crap, running so slow. We came through the first mile in 4:57 and everyone was already breathing deeply. It only got worst too. At 2mi we hit a 300m or so long hill that absolutely killed. From that point onwards it turned more into a survival match instead of a race. My parents said that they'd never seen a race where everyone looked so bad, and they've seen a looooot of races.

Needless to say, I didn't survive to well and finished 9th. The UTEP kenyans swept it 1-5 and Tulsa ran well to get second. Congrats to them.

It kinda pisses me off that the race was at altitude. It doesn't seem that fair to me, but I guess life isn't always that way either. Anyways, I took up the challenge and gave it my best. At least I can gain confidence from toughing it out on a course at about4k feet with a big hill and tons of sand.

As a team, we didn't help ourselves out much either. Arriving Thursday morning, 2 days before the race, is about the worst thing we could do. You generally feel the worst on the 2nd through 4th day when arriving at altitude.....yay...genious move.... When racing at altitude when your not used to it, it's best to get up and get out (meaning get there about 24hrs or so before the race...)...Oh well....

On to Regionals!

Training since last update:

morn-7 easy
aft-7mi of 2mi w/up, 5x800 w/ 2:30 rest on gravel (2:16, 2:14, 2:14, 2:12, 2:09) WINDY (20mph, gusts of 33), 800 easy, 4x hill sprints, 1.5mi c/d CRAPPY WEATHER, windy and cold for first time. Accomplished the goal of the workout though, so no complaints.

morn-7 easy

morn-7 easy
aft-7mi of:
2mi w/up, 6LT, 3E, 3LT+, 6E, 2x400 w/ 45sec rest in 69-70, 2E, 4x10sec acceleration with 50sec easy, 3min at 6min pace, 1mi c/d

morn-4 easy
aft-7 at El Paso....felt off, dry air...

aft-5mi of:
3mi, 4x100m strides, 2mi c/d

morn-10mi of:
2mi w/up, 8k race (25:49, 9th), altitude sucked, tough race, 3mi c/d

morn-10mi easy

morn-7mi decent pace
aft-9mi of:
2mi w/up, 1mi LT (4:50),short rest, 2mi(9:11), short rest, 1mi LT (4:55), short rest, 1mi(4:27 going 2:20, 2:07) 2mi c/d, windy and on gravel in flats so not best footing. Excellent workout. Needed that. Legs a little sluggish, which is expected, but got into a good rhythm. Had to consciously try and slow my self down on LT sections, it felt like I was jogging.

The Bunion Derby

I'm finally feeling back to normal again and have gotten in some good training. It took me a while to get over the sickness. From Saturday until Tuesday I felt bad, but then on wednesday I started to feel a lot better and by Friday I was almost normal again. The only thing that lingered through the weekend was that I couldn't breathe out of my nose.

Enough about being sick. I just finished another solid running book titled C.C. Pyle's Amazing Foot Race. The topic of the book is a very interesting one. You can read the synopsis on but the basic jest of the story is that about 200 runners entered a race across the United States put on by a very interesting promoter (he was Red Grange's agent for you football fans out there). The runners were a different group of people from all over the world and they traversed a new and shoddy route 66 in horrible conditions. The book was obviously well researched and the author did a very good job on a story in which he had no first hand contacts. The only negative I found was that sometimes the author seemed to lose grasp that it was an actual race, as the standings of the runners throughout the book was shoddy. But that does not take away from the fact that it is an excellent story and one worth reading.

Lastly, before giving the weekly training log, some props to the Klein Oak boys cross country team as they are state and regionally ranked for the first time this season. (#5 in the state and #7 in the NTN south region). well deserved and only better things to come now that championship season is coming up.

The past week's training:

morning-3 felt like crap
afternoon-5 very slow

morning-4 easy, sick
afternoon-6 easy, feeling a little better

morn-7 easy
afternoon-7mi of 1.5mi w/up, alternation fartlek, 2:50 hard, 2:00 medium, 2:50 hard, 2M, 2:20 Hard, 2:40 M, 1:40 H, 2min rest, 1:40M, 1:40 Hard, 1mi c/d......felt better, limited the volume so I didn't go to the well. About 4:40 pace on the hard parts

morn-7 easy
aft-7 easy

morn-6 easy
aft-9mi at Burroughs of:
2mi w/up, 3x2400m w/ 3-4min rest, alternating hard 400(10k or faster) and LT 400 (1st-66,71,70,73,69,75 2nd-67,75,67,76,2:25(no measurement on last 800)…..3rd-66,74,71,76,68,62, 2.5mi c/d (last 800m of 1st and 3rd included step hill loop, 1st 800m of 2nd was up mags to pavillion hill)

14.5 with andy, started easy progressed to solid pace last few miles

10 easy

ChilePepper- Can I ever get a break?

So, the first big XC race did not go as hoped or planned. I ended up coming down with a sickness the day before the race. There's not much worse than waking up and your throat hurting from swallowing.

Whenever I get sick, I try and ignore it in my mind thinking that somehow if I do not think about it, it won't effect me. Unfortunately this rarely works and it didn't this time. I gradually felt worse until the race came.

I discussed it with my parents and such and after warming up, I decided I'd give it a go and if I felt like or looked like I was doing more harm than good, then they'd pull me out or I'd drop.

So I started the race and from the get go felt pretty bad. I went out and got about 5m off the back of the front pack, hoping that I could settle into a rhythm. However, about 800m in I felt like the stupid runners, who I always get mad at when I'm running, who go out way too hard and are already breathing like crazy. Today, I was that runner. I sucked it up and tried to calm things down but it was no use. A little after the first 2.5mi loop, I called it a day.

Dissapointing but it was the right decision. When I race all out when I'm sick it pretty much ruins my entire season (see freshman year track season for an example...).

Anyways, I've been trying to sleep it off and get better so that I can get in another good workout or two before conference. There's not much like going to bed at 8:45 and not getting up until 8ish the next day...

Training since last updated:

morning-6 easy
1.5mi w/up, 23:30 LT, 3E, 8:30 LT, 1E, 3 LT, 1mi c/d
LT splits were roughly 4:58-5:04 pace

morn-8 easy
aft-6 easy

15 easy with 15sec accelerations in the last couple miles

10 6mi easy, 8x10sec hill sprints w/ 1:30 jog easy, 2mi c/d


morn-7 easy
aft-1.5mi w/up, 9x300m w/ 100m jog (~30sec) alternating 5k,1mi pace (44, 49, 44, 47, 44, 48, 44, 49, 41) 2mi c/d

morn=8 easy, plus 4x strides

2.5mi w/up, 5LT, 5E, 5LT, 5E, 5min of 10sec hard/50sec easy, 2mi c/d

For the person asking for my XC schedule:
Conference in El Paso- October 27th
Regionals in Arkansas- 2 weeks after that
Nationals in Indiana- 9 days after that

I am alive...XC season

I'm alive....sorry for not posting for the few who read.

Quick update:
XC season is here. So far I've done a couple races, but only one real one.

UTEP- Ran with Ahmed and Daniel until 1200m or so to go so it wasn't really a race but it went well. I helped those guys out and made sure they stuck together for as long as possible.

A&M- THis one went well. I felt amazing for 3mi or so and then got a little cramp that kinda threw me off. I ended up 4th in 24:27 for 8k, so a solid start. Aerobically I am incredibly fit, just not sharp at all. The main thing was that I got through the race with no problems!

I won't post all my training since I've last posted b/c that would probably bore you to death. So here's the highlight version and then I'll try and post weekly updates from now on.

Highlights of XC training (mostly workouts):

10mi of:
2mi w/up, 5mi of alternation (400at 10k, 1200-5:25-30ish pace), 2min easy, 1mi alternation, 2mi c/d

UofH track

1mi w/up, 5x400,4x400, 5x400 w/ 30sec b/t reps, 5min b/t sets, WINDY,(64s...65s…63,65,64,64,60(33,14,13) felt a little off, 1.5mi c/d barefoot

10 at Burroughs

2mi w/up , 1mi (4:32),3R, 1mi (4:30), 4min jog to hill, 4x10sec hill sprints, 3R, 2x1mi w/ 3R (total 2mi-9:10, start at sand hill up gravel hill and down fence hill back to sand) 4xhill sprint, 2mi c/d

10mi of:2mi w/up, 5mi of alternation (600at 10k, 1000-5:25-30ish pace), 2min easy, 1mi alternation, 2mi c/d


7mi of
1.5mi w/up, 3x800 (2:13,2:10,2:08) w/ 2:00 rest, 4x hill sprints, 3x800 (2:10,2:09, 2:09), 4xhill sprints, 1.5mi c/ (On gravel so moving good)

2mi w/up, 5miles of alternating 800s- 5x800(2:21-2:23, last one in 2:13(71,62), recovery 800m in (2:35-2:41)

10 mile tempo- controlled- hill loop in 52:30

2.5mi w/up, 3x(600,30secR,600,30sec,400) w/ 5min b/t sets, at 5k pace (65-66 on gravel) then 5min rest and 1,000m in 2:55 w/ guys on hill loop, 1.5mi c/d
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