Back to running with no problems, thank god. It's a good thing too because I was sick of cross training.

AM- bike- 60min- avg HR-132

PM- Pool workout-65min- 8min swimming, 6min pool running, 26min LT pool running w/ some no hand surges, 2,1:45, 1:30, 1:15, 1min hard no hands, w/ 1min easy, cool down to 60min, 5min running in shallow end

AM- Elliptical-61min (10mi)- w/ 9x30sec and 1x45sec speed variation (up to 15mph-lvl 2) every 3 minutes. HR avg-143, max-167. generally rose to the 155-160 range during surges
PM-60min Bike- 33kmh speed


AM-60min Bike-avg HR-132, max 145
PM-65min Bike- 15 w/up, 10min hard (40kmh- HR up to 172), 3E (down to 145), 1min medium (up to 166), 1E, 4x1Hard (44ish KMH) w/ 2(1st time) then 3min easy after, (HR- 1st-up to 178 2nd-up to 180 3rd-181 4th-181) 25min c/d

AM-60min Bike
PM- 5mi RUN
Meyer Park
decent pace, last 1200 split(4:23)

AM-7mi easy

AM-60min Bike- speed at 32ish kmh
PM-8mi easy

AM-9mi on Burroughs Hill Loops w/ Jeremy
32:05 through 5mi so decent.

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