It's been a good week of work. I got my first race in and it was a good rust buster. I'm also planning the outdoor racing schedule which gets me excited and also looking at my options on what the heck I'm going to do with my life next year?! It's weird finally graduating and trying to see how to keep running. The most obvious choices is grad school or run fast enough to join some group. So we'll see. It's a tough road.

Conference Race:

Well the first meet went pretty well. I was a little rusty but overall it was a solid race.

We started off incredibly slow(67.5 first 400) and it continued like that until just before 800 when I took the lead. I really wasn't trying to make a big move or anything but was just trying to string things out a little and make sure it didn't turn into a last 200m mad dash. I dropped the pace to 61ish I think and kept the lead until somewhere around 500m left. I sat on the guys who went around for the next 200m. Coming off the turn with around 250m to go, the leader moved out a little and the inside opened up. Since I was boxed in on the outside, I decided to try and go through the hole. I moved up and almost made it but then the UTEP runner moved back in at the last minute. It chopped up my stride quiet a bit and I lost a ton of momentum. Racing intinctively, I slowed down and moved to the outside and then made a move around the turn to get into 2nd. Going into the last turn I swung to the outside shoulder of the leader but ran out of gas a little bit. It ended up being 4 of us running to the line in a pretty close finish (top 4 seperated by .2).

I was pretty mad afterwards because it was my tactical mistakes that cost me a chance at winning, but it's indoors so that kind of stuff happens. I should have either been more patient and waited instead of trying to move up on the inside, or I should have moved up quicker. With it being my first indoor race on that tight track, I lacked some of the racing instincts that I normally have.

Overall though, I was real happy with how it felt. No breathing problems and I recovered very quickly.

Running Log

AM- 5mi easy
PM-7 easy+ strides

AM-8 easy
PM-5mi at
UofH indoor track
2mi w/up, 1mi anchor DMR (5:07, just jogging), 2mi c/d

UofH indoor track
2mi w/up, 1mi race (4th by .2- 4:13.49, lost momentum too many times, 2:14ish through half) 2mi c/d, 2mi w/up for other race that didn't have to run

AM-10 easy

AM-5mi easy
PM- Worked out with the sprinters indoors!
3mi w/up, strides, stride/plyos, 5x70m sprints, 1x150m sprint, long rest in between 2.5mi c/d
Felt different sprinting flat out again. Needed to do that.

AM-9mi solid pace (52min for normal 63min loop), felt real good the whole way. Probably due to the sprints yesterday getting my nervous system excited and raising the muscle tension a bit. Made the legs feel springy.
PM-6 easy+10x100m (2E,1G)

AM-5mi easy
PM-8mi of
2mi w/up,
3x600,3x600,2x600 w/ 30sec rest b/t reps, 5min b/t sets (400m of it jogging) (1:36, 1:37.2, 1:35.9…..1:36.5, 1:37.5, 1:35.9…1:37, 1:29 (63, 26.3)) , 2mi c/d, very windy (12-17mph)

Excellent workout. Was really windy and had planned 8x600 broken up into 4 sets but felt good so cut it down to 3 sets. Trying to hit 65s, so was fast. Last one felt real good. Was surprised at how fast I kicked it in.

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