Regroup and Refocus

It is time to salvage the 2008 track season.

With Today's workout, I am starting over. I'm considering this a new season, since I'm done with college and the collegiate season was nothing short of a disaster. So from this point forward, it's all about starting fresh.

I could throw in the towel on the season and call it quits, but I've been forced to do that too many times. I don't want to waste another year of developing great fitness. I can honestly say that I am in shape to race faster than I ever have. It's just a matter of having my body allow me to do just that.

The plan is to head out to either the American Milers club meets, the Hansons meet, or the Pacific Canada series. I'm leaning towards the Miler's club meets but I'm checking on air fares and seeing if I can get into the meets, since my 2008 bests suck, first before I make any final plans.

I spent last week going to way too many doctors and together came up with a master plan to conquer the Vocal Chord thing. The only thing left is to try it out.

The first workout of the new season was a success. I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't done anything to put any stress on the vocal chords (i.e. anything with labored breathing) for a while now. So, I cautiously headed to Klein Collins at 7:30 in the morning to give it a go.

It was a combination aerobic/anaerobic support workout. If you've followed the blog or my training it's a continuation of other workouts I've done.

The plan was couples of:
800, 200
with 2min rest between couples and 6min jogging between sets. I was supposed to start the longer reps at 71 pace and take off a second per 400m each rep (so, 4:44, 3:30, 2:52, 2:16) and for the shorter reps start at 58 and progress down (so, 58,57, 42, 27.5).

My actual splits ended up being:
4:43, 56.4
3:27, 56.1
2:50, 40.7
2:08, 25.7

So, it actually was a great success. Suprisingly successful and a great way to start off. The longer stuff felt really slow, as it should have, and surprisingly the shorter stuff felt easier than I expected. During the first 400 I was worried that 58 would feel fast until I came by the 200 in 27 low, and slammed on the breaks to ease in. Best of all though was that I finished with no breathing problems and finished strong going 66,62 on the 800 and then going 13.4,12.3 on the 200.


  1. Anonymous8:24 PM

    nice workout...stay healthy!

  2. Anonymous10:13 PM


    Good luck!


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