Canada and end of season

My mini season that lasted three races is over. I didn't race quiet as fast as I wanted or was in shape too, but that wasn't the main goal.

The main goal was to actually finish the race without having any problems. Secondly, it was to test the medicine for the vocal chord thing and lastly was to actually have some fun racing! Thankfully, all three of those were accomplished.

My trip to Canada was a short but fun one. It wasn't exactly ideal in terms of racing fast, but you can't do a lot about that when being cheap and doing things last minute.

The trip started out pretty rough because we sat on the runway in Houston for 2 and a half hours on tuesday night. Instead of getting to Seattle a little after 10pm pacific time, we got there at almost 1am (which was 3am Houston time). It took another 40min or so to get the bags, car, and to the hotel, so I didn't get to sleep until really late.

To top things off, we had to get up at 8:30 to make the drive from Seattle to the ferry that would take us to Victoria. It was about a 2:30hr drive to the ferry, then an 1:30 ferry ride, and we were finally in Victoria.

By this time, I was pretty dang tired, but got in a good easy run to shakeout the legs a bit. The race the next day went pretty well, although I was noticeably flat from the travel. I stuck with my conservative approach and went out near last. I felt real comfortable through most of the race, but made some tactical errors and got boxed going into the final turn. This slowed me up a bit and I wasn't able to get around until the last 100m and kicked past two guys to run 3:48. It was a solid race but I definitely felt like I should have run 3:47 or so, but was too cautious the last lap. The meet itself was great. Victoria is a beautiful place and one day I'd like to visit there and actually get to look around a little more.

The next meet was two days later in Vancouver. This time I decided I'd get out in the middle of the pack and try and work my way up and put myself in contention. I was on the very inside off the line, but I got out in about 5th or 6th place so I thought I was in good position. However, about 200m in, the two guys in front of me and to my side slowed up and there was a gap between the first three guys and the pack I was in. I should have gone around earlier but I didn't. Instead the lead pack got a good size gap on me and finally I went around and chased after them. Because of the slow down I was pretty slow through the first lap and I had to work too hard to catch up to the leaders. My second lap was faster than my first by a bit, which is never the way to race a 1500m, but I eventually caught the leaders. By this time I was pretty fried, so the 3rd lap was pretty slow. The last lap I was again too hesistant because in the back of my mind I still question whether the vocal chords will close up or not. On the last turn, a runner passed me, but I responded and kicked passed him on the final straight.

It definately felt good to actually be able to finish somewhat well. It's been a while since I've been able to do that, no matter the pace. There's not any other feeling like kicking another competitor down in the final stretch. I ended up third in the race, which was a solid showing, but because of the varying pace the times weren't that fast. Doesn't matter though, the idea of a race is to race. Also, I came away with a nice watch for the effort.

I really like the Canadian track meet series they put on. I recommend it to any of you guys out there looking for some fun competitive meets.

That's about it for the trip. After that I took a week off and am now getting back into it with 5miles steady yesterday and an easy 8 miler today.

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  1. Awesome to see you feeling half decent and running again...hopefully you can get back to where you were hoping to be before. Best of luck, God bless.


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