Colorado= Week of Hell

Last week I headed home for two days before heading off to Colorado to go to the National Jewish Hospital. They are the foremost experts in Vocal Chord Dysfunction and Asthma. The family went with me, as they were using it as a vacation.

In total, I had 4 days of constant testing where a whole assortment of doctors poked and prodded me looking for every single thing that could be wrong with me. It kind of felt like going back to school again. Every day I was at the hospital from about 7:45 until 5pm. I had to run before and after, which was pretty tough because it meant getting up extra early or running when I'm exhausted. The fact that it was at altitude didn't help. Also, since I couldn't eat before many of the tests that meant not eating anything after a couple runs which absolutely killed my recovery. At least it reinforced how important recovery meals/drinks are after running!

Below is a sampling of the tests I had to go through.
-pulmonary spirometry about 20 times.
-CT scan of chest/nasal passages
-Pulmonary Function Test
-Exercise test on bike with catheter in artery, VO2max mask, and EKG stuff. Plus spirometry every 5min after and a laryngoscopy (stick a camera through your nose, down your throat)
- walk oximetry
-Esophagram w/ barrium swallow
-Tailored Barrium Swallow
- Methacholine Bronchial Provocation with Laryngoscopy
- Resting Echocardiogram
-Echocardiogram w/ saline agitant
-Echocardiogram w/ exercise and saline agitant. meaning exercise to near max HR w/ an IV line
-Blood work like crazy

and about 10 visits with various doctors and probably some other tests I'm forgetting about.

The exercise stuff sucked the most because of several reasons. It was at altitude, number 1, and secondly I've never exercised with soo much stuff on me. It was a weird feeling exercising with either an IV or catheter in your vein/arterie.

Anyways, I have about 30 pages with the results of all of this. Basically, the conclusion is I have Vocal Chord dysfunction. My allergies are horrible. My nose has a severe deviated septum w/ spurs on both sides that block any air coming in. My asthma is very weird.

Hopefully, the solutions work... b/c I was sure tested enough.

Once I got home from the wonderful vacation, I headed down to UofH to help pace Kara Goucher for a hard 5 miler she was doing. The tests/travel got to me more than I thought it was, so it was a struggle to pace which is sad, haha. But I helped out a little bit, so it wasn't worthless. I think the biggest thing that got me was the provocation test and barium swallow. One messed up my stomach beyond belief, and the other messed up my lungs. Hopefully it goes away in a couple days. She ran really well, especially in the heat ( in fact Rupp had a good one too), so I think big things are going to come for her in Beijing. The next few days, I'm taking really easy because I'm run down like crazy.

On the 5th, I'm headed back out to California to train with the guys. And a couple days after I get there we head out to Mammoth for some good old Altitude training. I'll give more info on that next time, but if you want a quick run down, visit my teammates (and roomates) blog

The first race will probably be the US 5k road championships in September.


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