1st race coming up.

This is conference week so it'll be my first race of the 2008 track season. I'm excited to get the season started, but this is only the start of the season. Sometimes I tend to try too hard (if that's possible) and pressing in my early races, instead of letting the racing come to me.

On another note, everyone should check out the interview with Tim Noakes on http://www.athleticscoaching.ca/

Dr. Noakes is a very interesting guy to listen to. I can't say that I agree with every little thing he says, but I love his work because he is always questioning the norm and thinking outside of the box. He doesn't settle for the traditional viewpoint if it doesn't make sense to him. Sure, he might swing and miss on an idea sometime, but he also breaks new theories much more so than any other running related physiologist. Anyways, the interview deals with his Central Governor theory. Some of the info is useful and you can see it being implemented by coaches. For example, in recent years distance runners/coaches have started paying more attention to the Central Nervous System. There is much more CNS work in runners schedules now than has been in the past. Most of this has been gleened from sprint coaches.

The dangerous thing about this is to know what sprint coaching ideas are "correct" and which are not. Sprints are just like distance running in that there are many many different ways and ideas on how to reach the top. It's important to not just accept some drill or workout just because the person who did it was successful. Anyways, that's another rant, so I'll leave it at that.

The past week:

PM-15mi easy

AM-5mi easy
PM-9mi easy+ 12xstrides (2E, 1G)

AM-10mi of
2mi w/up, 8x High Intensity strength circuit- exercises at max intensity (2:40 up, w/ less than 4min recovery jog down) (20sec moderate, 20 butt kicks, 25sec moderate, 10 tuck jumps, 20 sec Easy, 10sec bounding, 20sec E, 20sec skipping, 20sec easy, 10sec sprint) uphill (green monster), 2.5mi c/d

AM-10mi hill circuit (67) +3x100m good strides

AM-6mi solid pace
PM-8 of 7.5mi solid pace w/ 10x100m (2E,1G). Ran with Pablo for part of it.

AM-6mi of
2+mi w/up, strides( w/ 1x50m near max, 1x hops into stride)
2 sets of 5x100 w/ 15sec rest, 5min rest b/t w/ some of it jogging, 2.5+mi c/d (1st set- standing start, indoor track-13.0,13.8, 14.1, 13.9, 14.0, 13.6 2nd set, - 13.1, 13.6, 13.9, 13.9, 13.8, 13.3)
PM-8 easy

AM-5mi decent pace
PM-8 of
2+mi w/up,
continous 2mi, 300 in 45, 2mi, 45300 in 44- (5:20,5:15,45, 5:12, 5:08, 44) 1.5mi c/d

Drugs, Pettite, and The difference between baseball and track and field fans

Andy Pettite a role model?

You wouldn't think since he is an admitted drug cheat, but according to my local paper that is exactly what he is. Sure he came clean and is a "good guy" according to just about everyone, but the fact is he only came clean after he had to. He lied and lied and lied about his drug use and only when his hand got caught in the cookie drawer when the Mitchell report came out did he tell the truth.

But wait. He did NOT tell the truth then. He said he only took HGH two times (and made a big deal about how only 2 days of his life shouldn't define his career), but later, under oath, he said he took HGH another time. So, let's get this straight, it takes him getting caught or threat of perjury not once, but twice to get him to (maybe?) tell the truth.

Sounds like a real role model to me...

Yet almost everybody in the baseball community is crowning him as some sort of saint for coming clean.

Let's compare this to the sport of track and field. Most athletes make up some excuse after getting busted for track and most track fans pretty much condemn them to hell for testing positive. Every once in a while, a drug cheat comes clean after they get caught, just like Mr. Pettite did. What happens to these track athletes? Well, for the most part they are still condemmed to hell. Take the example of Cathal Lombard. He came clean after testing positive. Is he welcomed back as a role model or saint or even just welcomed back? No. There have been articles in the Irish papers about how he shouldn't be allowed to compete. There are threads on the message boards demonizing him.

This is not a commentary on whether that is right or wrong. Personally, I hate all drug cheats and think if they cheated once, there scum. Why? Because in a way there cheating directly affects my running. It makes me look slower, it makes it harder to qualify for events, and it makes it frustrating to try and succeed in this sport.

The question is, what does this say about the fans of track and field and the fans of baseball? Do track fans have more hatred for cheats, more negativity, or are we less forgiving? I don't have the answer, but I think how we accept or do not accept cheats back into our sports says some interesting things about fans of the two sports and how they are viewed.

Perhaps no one but minor sport fans really care about having a clean sport with an even playing field?

morning-5 easy
hurt my groin


groin hurt

easy, 6:40ish pace

1mi easy, 7mi solid pace (5:25avg. split 7:49 for 1.5mi towards end)

10mi at a decent pace

AM-5mi easy
PM-9mi of
2mi w/up, 3x800, 5x10sec hill sprints, 3x800, 5x hill sprints (2:25,2:22, 2:19… 2:20, 2:17, 2:15) last one on each set into wind. 1.5mi c/d, Strength Endurance session. Hit splits I wanted, a little fast on 2nd set. Done in flats on bayou.

AM-9 easy
PM-5mi of
4.5mi steady (5:50s) + 10x100m (2E,1G)

AM-5mi easy
PM-8.5mi of
2mi w/up, 4x(1200, 300) 2 min rest and 5min rest(500m of it jogging), first 3 sets outside in pouring rain w/ flats, windy, last set indoors (3:30,43.4…3:30,43.6…3:30, 43.5…3:22..41.3), 2mi c/d

Felt flat outside because I had no traction in my flats since the track was covered in puddles. Felt a lot quicker and easier once I put the spikes on and ran indoors. Good session. Needed the toughness from running in the storm.

Clemens is a druggie, Republicans dissapoint, Texans strength coach, whaaaaat?

I spent most of the day watching the Clemens-McNamee battle royal that took place in Congress today. There are plenty of sports sites out there that break down the testinomy so I'll keep this brief.

How stupid does Clemens think we are? McNamee gave three names. Two of which confessed and said he was correct. One of those, who happens to be Clemens "best friend" says Clemens took HGH. Clemens wife took HGH from Clemens trainer. Yet he wants us to believe that even though his wife took HGH and his best friend took HGH, his trainer gave HGH/steroids to players, and other teammates admitted to taking HGH. So under this whole culture of teammates, friends, wife, trainer, etc. Clemens NEVER even talked about HGH let alone take it......uh huh. and that bruise on his butt happened because of B-12 too.....right

Perhaps the saddest thing to see was the split down party lines. As someone who generally considers him a conservative, it dissapoints me how our congressmen acted, especially the Republican party. For the most part, they seemed as if Clemens was in their back pocket. I guess we know who Clemens gave autographs to in his tour of congress prior to this meeting. Makes me sad to be a republican.

Lastly, I was listening to the radio last weekend and the Houston Texans Strength coach was the host of the show. He made a comment that aerobic capacity does NOT increase if you do more than 45min of running per day. He went on about it for a minute, but WHAT?!?! Give me a break. I've gotten on the Texans before for their training manual in regards to running form, so this just furthers my questioning of their practices. Maybe that's why they have so many injuries?

Anyways, training for the week:

AM-9mi easy
PM-5 decent pace (6:15ish down ditch) +10x100m (2E,1G) +plyos

AM-5 easy
PM-9.5 1.5mi w/up, 21min(5:00 mile split on outter loop) LT, 3E, 6 LT, 40sec E, 3 LT, 1mi easy, 4x10sec hill sprints, .75mi c/d

AM-5 easy
PM-8 easy +10x100m (2E,1G)

AM-5 easy
PM-9 2mi w/up at KC, track busy w/ soccer game, so went to burroughs, .75mi w/up, 4x strength endurance hill circuits, 1mi c/d

AM-14 ~66min at 10mi, easy, achilles a little sore from yesterday

AM-10 easy

AM-5 easy
PM-8mi of
2mi w/up, 4x500, 5min rest, 3x500, 4min rest, 3x500 w/ 30sec b/t reps, (1:22.4, 1:22.3, 1:21.2, 1:20.2…1:20.6, 1:22.2, 1:21.1…1:20.5, 1:21.1, 1:13.5 (31.8,28.6,13.1)) VERY WINDY, 2mi c/d, some jogging done in between sets

AM-9 easy
PM-5 at solid pace (~5:50s)+10x100m (2E,1G)

Back to the grind

It finally feels like I am in my normal training routine again. Earlier last week I had some achilles pain that was due to my orthotics being worn down. About every 1.5-2 years my orthotics wear down and I start to get pain on the inside of my left achilles. The solution is simple, wear new orthotics, but it takes my legs a couple of days to adjust to the new orthotics. During that adjustment period, running sucks. My feet blister a bit and my achilles hurts big time. So I have to cut back, adjust, a bit. I'm finally over that though and training is going well.

I'll run a rust buster, conference, and maybe a last chance meet this indoor season. As always, the focus is on outdoor and things are looking good. This time of the year is always that of hope and optimism. Nothing beats it.

AM-5mi easy
PM- 2mi w/up, track workouts3x600 (66 pace down to 63 on last one)3x300 63 pace down to 603x500 66 pace down to 633x200 60 pace down to 57
~2min rest, lap jog between sets, last one on each set 3sec per 400m faster, VERY WINDY

ACTUAL splits:1:38.4, 1:37.2, 1:33.946.1, 46.4, 43.21:22.9, 1:20.1, 1:17.729.1, 28.4, 25.0

AM-5 easy
PM-9mi decent pace, plus strides

AM-4mi shakeout, achilles sore
PM-8mi of 1.5mi w/up, 2mi LT(~5min pace), 3min rest, 1.5mi (4:53 pace), 3R, 1mile (4:46), 2R, 800 (2:16), 1.5mi c/d

Good workout, windy! like always. Felt pretty comfortable in flats.

AM-4mi, achilles sore
PM-8-easy, achilles sore, 7.5mi +10x100m(2E,1G)

AM-5 easy
PM-6- 4mi steady, strides, plyos intro sprints, 4x100m sprints in flats (low 12s), 2mi c/d
First sprint workout back. Didn't feel too comfortable. Straining too much. Done in flats so felt slow. But it needed to be done.

12mi w/ progression last mile or so (last mile in 5:04), achilles finally better, didn't want to risk it by going further

8.5mi easy+10x100m (2E,1G)

AM-5mi easy
PM-7 UofH track
1.5mi w/up, 2x(5x300 w/ 200 jog) w/ 5min jog b/t sets, 2.5mi c/d,
average- 43.7 for whole workout, very windy (like always), 40.7 last rep, felt better as it went along.

AM-9mi easy
PM-5mi decent pace +10x100m (2E,1G) + plyos

Links of the week:
This week's links both give us glimpses of successful runners training. It's good to actually see how the training is put together instead of just hearing about the general ideas behind it.

Ritz's coach Brad Hudson's website. Check out the message boards as Brad is posting weeks of Ritz and James Carney's training. Really interesting stuff. Obviously it's very Canova influenced. Got to love coaches who are so open with their training.

Colorado assistant coach Jay Johnson's website. Check out the clinics notes and videos. Some very interesting stuff. Also, there's a full outdoor schedule of one of his athletes. Good stuff.
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