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First off, a big congrats and good luck to the HS kids. 3 of them are racing regionals next week and two came away with some significant PR's this past weekend at the regional qualifier meet. Jeremy took 7 seconds off his PR to win in the 1600, going 4:14.18, while Ryan, only a soph, ran a 4:22.61 to PR by 3sec. Way to go guys.

Since the last little writeup I did on strength endurance, I found a couple of items on the internet which relate to it. Many of the methods I desxcribed are based on the Italian model and I found some good stuff on the internet done by the Italians and one by blogger (and very fast runner) Nate Jenkins.

The first site has a video of Italian coach Luciano Gigliotti. I don't speak Italian so I really have no idea what they are talking about. If anyone does and wants to tell me what they're talking about, that would be great. But it's a good video because it demonstrates a strength endurance circuit that he does with his athletes on the track. You'll notice that in my long writeup I suggested doing it on a hill (like Canova) but a track works, the effects are just slighlty different. Giggliotti is the 2004 Olympic marathon champ's, Stefano Baldini, coach for those who didn't know.


The second Italian site I found is an abstract from a study done by Giggliotti and others. It was to test the effectiveness of such strength endurance circuits. I couldn't find the whole study but the abstract is below:

Correlation between biomechanical and metabolic parameters in the modified intensive circuit training

Franco Merni, Luca Del Curto, Rocco Di Michele, Luciano Gigliotti

Atletica Studi no. 1/2007, January - March 2007, year 38, pp. 3-14

The modified intensive circuit training, a typical mixed training of strength and endurance, proposed by the Italian school of middle distance running, is used since many years in the fields without a scientific validation. This work has the aim of studying the correlations between the biomechanical and metabolic parameters during the execution of this kind of training. 9 medium-high level middle distance runners were analyzed through tests carried out before training with the continuous monitoring of the biomechanical (contact and flight times) and metabolic variables (VO2, VE, FC). The results show high correlations between ventilation parameters and jumping tests, flight times and stride frequency during the running phases. Through these findings it is possible to hypothesize the existence of strict relationships between strength and endurance performance and the aspects related to running economy.

Lastly is Nate Jenkins blog. He describes his approach to 10k training and includes a brief section on strength endurance. I HIGHLY suggest his blog.


Finally, my Running Log:
AM-10mi easy

AM-5mi easy
PM- 7mi of
3mi w/up, 4x100m (11.7) w/ 5min rest(400m of it jogging), 200m (23.6), 3mi c/d, sore and tired from Saturday still. Felt good on the 200m.

AM-5mi easy
PM-9mi easy+10x100m(2E,1G)

AM-5mi easy
PM- 6mi of
2mi w/up,
600,2min Rest,
500,1:40 rest,
400, 1:30,
300, 75sec,
200, 60sec, 200, 45sec, 200, 30sec, 2x100 w/ 15sec,
2mi c/d very WINDY,
(1:30, 74, 60, 42.9, 28.5, 27.8, 28.2, 13.8, 14 (into wind)) sore from Monday, stomach messed up,
This was a tough one b/c my stomach was jacked up. I think it might be food poisoning or something/ I'm ashamed to say that I had diarrhea during the workout, which just made the stupid thing even harder.

AM- 5mi easy
PM-9mi easy + strides +leg plyos. Stomach messed up.

AM-5mi easy
PM- 5.5mi easy +strides

AM- 3mi easy
PM- 2.5mi w/up, 800m race-1:53, won by 7sec, 2mi c/d. This one felt easy, recovered fast. It was a very low key meet at UofH. Almost didn't run b/c my stomach is killing me. I'm cramping up on my runs and had the runs before I raced.

AM-9mi very slow. Stomach messed up

AM- 5mi easy
PM- 7mi of 2mi w/up, 3x(1600, 2min Rest, 200) w/ 5min rest b/t sets (4:25,28...4:24,28...4:25,25.1), 2mi c/d Legs felt great during this one. Stomach is still messed up bad. After the 2nd set had to make a run for the bathroom, then back out........no fun...... As always, it was very windy.

AM- 5mi easy
PM- 9mi easy + strides +2xleg plyos

Track season starts and a 10mile PR!


It's been a long time since I posted my training so that's what this post is all about. It's been a good block of training. The racing season has started, and it didn't start out amazing but things are coming along nicely. The training block ended nicely with a 10mile PR(50:15) on our hill loop.

AM-5 easy
PM-9decent pace for 8mi+ 10x100m(2E,1G)

AM-5 easy
PM-8mi of 2mi w/up, fartlek (7min 5E, 3H, 1:30E, 2H, 5E, 4x15sec w/ 45sec easy, c/d

AM-8 easy
PM- travel to LSU

AM-5 easy

2mi w/up, 800m in SMR-2nd overall (split-1:52.6) 2mi c/d

Originally had planned on running something longer like the 5k, but at the last minute the team needed someone to run the 800 leg of the SMR and as the only distance runner, that became my job. Considering that I had geared up for something much slower, I was pleased with this effort. I was pretty much clueless as to what 800m pace was and ended up getting the baton by myself several meters back from the leaders. I ended up running the whole race by myself and eventually caught one team in the final straight.

AM-8 easy

AM-8 solid pace (last 1.5mi split was 8:10)

PM-6 UofH track
2mi w/up, 1600(4:13), 6min rest, 4x200 w/ 2min rest (26 or faster), 2mi c/d, WINDY. Good workout. The 1600 felt real easy. Had planned something slightly different but the wind annoyed the crap out of me so I finished it off with some fast 200s to get the legs moving while tired.

AM-5 decent pace
PM-9mi of 8+mi + 10x100m(2E,1G)

PM-8mi of
4mi easy, 8x200m in 29-30 w/ 200m jog, felt flat, 2mi c/d

AM-8 easy
PM- travel to Austin

AM-3mi easy
UT track
2mi w/up, 1500m race- 3:51.3(2nd- head wasn't in it, went out slow then I lead the whole thing until the end. Felt okay (62,2:02,3:04) 2mi c/d

This race didn't go as planned. There were only 5 of us in it as 5 others scratched. I just wanted a good solid effort in and after we started slow, I took the lead at 300m. My head wasn't mentally in this race. I didn't feel that bad, just didn't feel into it for some reason. No big deal though, needed a rust buster. On a positive note, not many breathing problems. My allergies are HORRIBLE in austin and at least this time they were bearable, not great, but not like in previous years when warming up felt like death. So allergy shots must be working.

AM-13mi easy through the streets w/ 3min pickup at end

day off+ leg plyos. Needed a day off. Haven't had one in a long time and was pretty dead from traveling.

AM-5 easy
PM-8mi of
2mi w/up, 4x400 w/ 1min rest,3min rest(400jogging), 1200 slow(3:45) , 3:30 rest, 4x300 w/ 1min rest, 3:30 rest, 800 slow(2:30),3:30 rest, 4x200 w/ 1min rest, 2mi c/d (splits- 57.9, 58.5, 58.5, 58.5…. 42.6, 43.4, 44.1, 42.3….27.3, 28.3, 27.6, 26.6…windy as always

This was a tough and long one! Felt good to get "anaerobic" and see god a little bit. Throwing in the 1200 and 800 slow was something that I've been experimenting with. It's actually kind of tough to stay on pace w/ all the lactic in your legs from the previous effort. It's a weird feeling, it's not tough, but you have to concentrate to stay on.

AM-5mi easy
PM-9mi easy+ strides+leg plyos

Watched the HS kids run district. They ended up 1st,2nd, and 4th (9:37ish, 9:40ish, 9:55ish). Congrats goes out to them.

AM-5mi easy
2mi w/up, 800 (1:56), 5rest(400m of it jogging) 2x400 (55,55) w/ 5min rest (400m of it jogging), 2mi c/d +10x100m (2E, 1G), REALLY WINDY!

This was a good workout. The 800 felt relaxed except for the part into the wind. Afterwords went and watched the HS kids get 1st, 3rd, and 4th in the 1600, so an excellent district meet for them. On to Regionals!

AM-8mi easy
PM-6mi w/ 10x100m (2E,1G) and 2xplyos

AM-5mi easy
PM-8 easy+10x100m(2E,1G)

15mi of
1mi w/up, 10mi hill loop-50:15 (splits 25:28, 24:47) sand hill sucked! very sandy! Felt good, 4mi c/d

This was an excellent workout for me! Ended up running a 10 mile PR by almost a minute with a huge negative split! The course is tough as nails too. It's two 5 mile loops with each loop having 4 hills (a 700m gravel hill, a 300ish meter sand hill that is all sand and incredibly tough, a short and steep 80m hill, and a long hard 800m hill with some sand that is known as the green monster. The green monster is in the last mile of the course so it kills. You do that twice and it's not too much fun! Anyways, it was a great run. The sand hill was extra sandy so that slowed me a little and the fact that on my 2nd loop I had to run past about 80 kids and adults walking down the trail for some walk for a cause thing. The trail at that point is only wide enough for about 3-4 people, so it was a pain weaving in and out of all of those people for about 800m! I hit one guy with my shoulder and that gave me a cramp for about a mile. It was pure madness!

This is a good workout because it keeps the aerobic system refreshed after all of the anaerobic stuff I'd done earlier in the week.

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