African Runners powerpoint.

Training update:
I went through a little bit of a rough period where my legs were pretty much fried for a couple workouts. I think the workload and all the new stimulus' finally caught up to me. So, we backed off for a bit and I'm getting back to normal.

So, my last couple workouts were nothing to write home about. Saturday's was the first where things started looking up. We had 4xmile with 2min+ rest. Like most things we do, it was progressive, so we started at 72ish and took about 2 or so sec off per lap each rep. So, by the end, we were moving pretty good.

That's about it for now.

Below, I've included my powerpoint for one of my classes. I have to give a 45min presentation on the topic and since it's relevant to some topics I've brought up here, I'd figure I'd share it.


  1. steve,
    great presentation. i learned in grad school the rule of 7. this might come in handy for you, it says: "Rules of Seven": "Seven (7) bullets or lines per page, seven (7) words per line."
    just food for thought. good luck with school and training.

  2. Anonymous7:38 PM

    very informative! one small error on slide number 5 though; the best non-african for the 800m is 1:41.7 sebastian coe, correct?

  3. Thanks for the info, both of you.

    You're right, Coe's time I must of just overlooked!

  4. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Missed connection:

    The women of Kenya and others are documented to carry 20% of their bodyweight with no increase in energy expenditure.

    Since your presentation makes no reference to their documented gait efficiencies, how can you think it has no relationship to explaining their distance dominance?

    Sport Jester


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