Running in Slow motion Video and change to

First, I've redesigned the website a little bit to make it a little more friendly for both the visitors and me in editing things.  I've also changed the website address (though the old one will still work) so that it's easier to remember, find, and doesn't have that annoying .blogspot in it.  I looked at several different website domains, but eventually settled on:  It was available, and seemed to make the most sense.  I wanted to get away from just using my name because that makes it seem like the website is all about me, when in reality it's about helping others and the interaction that occurs because of things I post.

There is a time to rest-not halfway rest: Why Sammy Wanjiru takes Sundays off

       Joe Vigil once told me essentially that if you’re not training, you’re detraining. He was making the point that every day off is a step back and preaching consistency. While I tend to agree that consistency is the most important thing, and I too have the innate obsessive compulsiveness of never taking an off day, sometimes I wonder if that’s such a good thing.

        In reading a recent interview in Running Times with Olympic marathon champ Sammy Wanjiru I couldn’t help but notice a comment by him in the section detailing his typical training week:
“Sunday- No running ‘Rest- you get rest’ Wanjiru insists, noting that he believes the Japanese train too hard, too religiously. ‘You need sometimes to relax.’ “

Running in High Speed- Video- including footstrike with Vibrams

I played around with my new camera, taking some high speed video of my footstrike and myself running.  Let me just say, that it's a lot of fun seeing things in slow motion.  I got a lot of strange looks from people wondering who the crazy guy was running back and forth in front of a digital camera with crazy looking "shoes" on.  I've done a little bit of analysis using the motion tracking software which I'll save for a later post.  For now, enjoy:


The Poor Man's High Speed Video Analysis

About a week ago for my biomechanics class we took a trip to the lab and got to partake in some motion analysis work. It was simply walking back and forth across the room while being surrounded by 6 high speed light sensitive cameras while having those reflective balls taped onto all my major joints on my body. The computer in turn spit out a computerized version of my walking gait along with more data on angles, velocities, and accelerations of the various limbs then anyone would know what to do with. My one thought while doing this little class experiment: how cool would it be to use this with myself or in coaching.

My Rules of Everything

My Rules of Everything:
Over the years, I've noticed several key themes that seem to pop up in a variety of different situations.  These apply not only to running or training, but to many other things.  What I was left with is my eight rules of everything.  I use them as reminders to keep me in check when looking at research, designing training, coaching, doing school work, analyzing arguments or just about anything.

High Schoolers Racing

A brief break from hearing my take on training and the science around it to note some good performances by the HS guys.  Yesterday, the guys ran the Tx Relays 3200.

Ryan ended up 2nd just half a second back of NXN champ Craig Lutz in an exciting race.  He ran 8:59.14, his first sub 9, closing in about 4:25ish and 62. 
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