Rethinking the cool down AND XC coach at University of Houston

First, let's get the personal life/move out of the way.  I took the job as XC/distance coach at my alma mater, University of Houston.  I'm thrilled to be back in TX and at UH.  We've got a great bunch of athletes here and looking forward to doing big things!  Also excited to be working with another pro in Sara Hall, who is an absolute pleasure to work with.


Second...Cool downs!

The Cool down- what does it do?
I’ve contemplated for a while writing about the role and function of cooling down after a workout or race, but never I have never fully been able to put all the pieces together to do so.  The cool down seems like such a normal/given thing.  It’s a rite of passage to be able to be done for the day.  It’s so ingrained that no one asks the question why anymore.

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