Racing is a skill. It’s not something you get thrown into and hope to figure out, it’s a skill that needs evaluated, dissected, and improved upon. In this episode of the Magness & Marcus Podcast On Coaching, we discuss just how to develop the fine art of racing.

Starting with a discussion on why we seem to be doing everything we can to beat any intuitive racing skill development out of our athletes, and venturing over to how the lack of actual racing (in favor of time trials…) is harming our sport. We look at Australia’s attempt at bringing back racing with Nitro Athletics, and the dangers of wrapping our identity with the times we have run.

From there, we turn to how to actually develop racing skills. Should we have tape review sessions like football does? What kind of feedback should we provide? These topics and more are covered in episode 48.

We hope you enjoy,

Steve and Jon



Resources mentioned:

Is it time to ditch the clock in track and field?

Make Good Art. Commencement Speach by Nail Gaiman


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Episode 48- Mastering The Art of Racing
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One thought on “Episode 48- Mastering The Art of Racing

  • February 14, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    I have listen to all 48 podcast and the art of racing stands out in my mind as being the best. Congratulations John Marcus you were ON!!


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