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General/Philosophy/Abstract thinking:
-My Rules of Everything

-Recognizing patterns, winning workouts, making connections

-What's in your ideal training book?

-Me and Coach Stew figure out everything

Running Shoes/Barefoot Running/Running Biomechanics:
-How to Run: Running with proper biomechanics
How to Run-Part 2: Cues, Pictures, Videos, and Hip Extension

-Running Form: How arms and legs are coordinated

-To change or not to change: Alberto Salazar, Dathan Ritzenhein, and Running Form

-The Poor Man's High Speed Video Analysis

-Why Running shoes do not work: Looking at Pronation, Cushioning, Motion Control and Barefoot running

-THE first big study on barefoot running in Nature : Death to Heel striking

-New studies on footstrike. Do faster runners heel strike?

-How to go from heel striking/orthotics wearing to forefoot strike/ barefoot running

-Looking at Running Form frame by frame: Vibrams vs. Shoes

Running Form Analysis Video

-Learning How to Run

-Running in High Speed- looking at footstrike in slow motion
-Running in Slow Motion-Video

-The 10,000hr rule and why talent and genes matter

-Fallacy of VO2max
Practical Implications of Fallacy of VO2max paper:

-The Physiological Map: What’s wrong with the traditional training model

Aerobic Training is NOT the devil and the fallacy of muscle fiber type conversions

Research on Individual response to training

Altitude Training

The key to running fast on race day: Muscle Tension

-The Evolution and History of Training: Volume and Intensity

-Is it a symptom or a problem?

-Buying into the Program

-Singles vs. Doubles: Is 9mi once really better than 4.5mi twice? Maybe Not:

-How to Train: A series of posts taking you from base to racing  :

-Sprint Training for Distance Runners

-Strength Endurance: What is it and why you need to devlop it

-Non-Specific Lactate Work

-Interval training-Why it's misunderstood and what you can learn from the Igloi method

-Do we need VO2max workouts? No

-Finding the Right System

-Old School Approach to Training

-There is a time to rest-not halfway rest: Why Sammy Wanjiru takes Sundays off

Sprinting/ Hill Sprints:
Video: Hill Sprints and Running Form Analysis

-Sprint Training for Distance Runners

-Base training is NOT just easy running. Looking at Sprinter's periodization

Learning from Other Sports:
-Learning from Other Sports: Baseball

-Cross Country Skiing- How they Train

-New Wonder Drugs in Endurance Sports

Complex to Simple, beware of guru's, and DOPING!!!

Extra Stuff/Training (Stretching, Cross training, Core, Warming up etc)
Strength Training for Endurance Athletes
  -More on Strength Training for Runners

Searching for Stability: The efficacy of unstable training

Compression Socks

How to Increase Flexibility Instantly!

Static Stretching: Is it useless??

Rethinking Core Training: Is it a fad?

The Warm-up

Sprint Drills and Core work: Is it all a fad?

Common Coaching Myths
Common Misconceptions in Running


Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete: A simple guide

African Runners:
-African's vs. Western Runners: Why they are better and what can we learn

-Moses Mosop's training

-African Runner's Powerpoint: What makes them better?

Athletes I've coached:
-Going from Mono to State Champ

-High Schooler's Racing well

-High School kids shine

March 2008
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