Clinics and Presentations

Below are a sampling of presentations I've given. If you'd like for me to present at a coaching clinic, conference, other function on any of a variety of topics (training, Physiology, Biomechanics, strength training, etc.). contact me

Recent Conferences spoken at:

  • Canadian National Endurance Conference-Vancouver, B.C. December 2011
    • 5k/10k training
  • American Distance Summit -Charlotte, NC- January 2012
    • The Art and Science of Coaching
    • 5k/10k Training
  • Gulf Coast Tx HS track coaches Clinic- January 2013
    • CC Training
  • Texas HS Cross Country Clinic- June 2013
    • Training for Cross Country
  • GAIN- Gambetta Coaches Conference- June 2013
    • The Evolution of Endurance Training
    • Applying Science to Coaching
  • Gulf Coast Tx HS track coaches Clinic- January 2014
    • Stress and Adaptation- A new model of endurance training
  • GAIN-Gambetta Coaches Conference- June 2014
    • The Process of Developing Endurance in Team Sports
    • Scientific Myths Explored
  • Capon Ridge XC- July 2014
    • Willpower, motivation, and Self Control

In addition to the ones below, I've also given presentations on Strength Endurance Training for Runners (or Endurance events), Cross Country Training, 5k/10k training, Applying science to your running, Barefoot running, and What's wrong with Running Shoes.

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