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I coach a select group of post collegiate/professional runners who commit to do the training to take them to the next level.  My goal is to help people reach their potential and elevate the state of American distance running.  With the state of professional running in America, I want to work with athletes who firmly believe they have what it takes to reach the next level and are willing to sacrifice in order to reach their goals.

With my post collegiate athletes, I do in person coaching and remote coaching depending on the situation.

Interested in joining the team? e-mail me here
(Time standards- roughly USATF B standard or better- 800m to marathon)

 Current Post-Collegiate/Professional runners coached (PR's reached)

Sara Hall
Sponsor: Asics
Coaching since- August 2012
3000- 8:52.35
3k steeple- 9:39.48
5k- 15:20.88
10k- 32:14
15k- 51:20
10mi- 52:54
Half marathon- 70:49
Marathon- 2:31:14
- USA runner-up at USA 10mile, 10k, and 7-mile championships
- Ran under American record for women's 10-mile.
-20th at World XC championships
- Winner of the Pittsburgh EQT 10mi, Healdsburg Half, and San Jose Costa Rica Half Marathon

Neely Spence
Half Marathon- 69:59
-9th place, 1st American- 2016 Boston Marathon

Mark English 
Coaching since: November 2015
400- 46.56
800- 1:44.84
-Irish national record 500m indoors.

Lea Wallace
Coaching since: May 2015
800- 2:00.30
1500- 4:09.13

Melissa Salerno
Coaching since: August 2015
1500- 4:09.49
mile (indoors)- 4:36.58

Natosha Rogers
Coaching since: 2015

Tommy Schmitz 
Sponsors: Speed Factory Athletics
Coaching since: 2010
1,500- 3:39.61
mile- 3:56.45
3000- 8:01.20
5000- 14:08.61
-3rd place at USA indoor 3k champs
-3x USA indoor champs Qualifier
-3x USA outdoor qualifier

Jake Edwards
Coaching since: 2014
1,500m: 3:41.82
mile- 3:58.09
3k- 7:58.87
5000- 13:38.87
-Qualified for his 1st USA outdoor national championship

Hillary Montgomery
Coaching since: 2015
5k- 16:05
10k: 33:34
10 mile- 55:11
1/2 marathon: 71:48
Represented the US at the World Half-Marathon Championships

Felix Hentschel:
Coaching since: 2014
3,000m- 8:07
3,000m steeple-8:40
Highlights: 2nd at the German national championships in the steeplechase (8:46)

Drevan Anderson-Kaapa:
Coaching since: 2012
800m- 1:49.08

Derwin Graham
Coaching since: 2015
1,500- 3:49
3,000m steeplechase- 8:59

Megan Saloom:
Coaching since: 2015
1/2 marathon: 76:53
Marathon: 2:43:00

Zach Hine:
10th place, 1st American- 2016 Boston Marathon
Coaching since: 2015

Whitney Bevins:
Coaching since: 2015
Half Marathon: 76:26
Marathon: 2:40

Carly Seymour:
Coaching since: 2015

Interested post collegiate athletes can e-mail me here
(Time standards- roughly USATF B standard or better- 800m to marathon)

Want to Help?
Interested in sponsoring/supporting/providing services for any of my post collegiate athletes so that they can pursue their Olympic dreams to the fullest? e-mail me here

Additionally,  athletes have access to:
-Comprehensive Coaching
-(on-site)Access to training facilities. (weight room, indoor/outdoor track, training room, etc.)
-Physiological testing (Lactate analysis, VO2, Running Economy, high speed video/biomechanics analysis, EMG (muscle activity) analysis.
-Access to some of the best minds in the sport in regards to physical therapy, biomechanics, nutrition, and various exercise physiology related fields.
-Various rehabilitative/maintenance modalities.
-Connections with part time jobs if needed.
-Assistance with navigating the world of professional running (meet entry, agent help, European travel, etc.)

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