Steve Magness is a regular speaker to audiences across the world. Ranging from The Canadian National Endurance Symposium to National Strength and Conditioning Conferences to the Seattle Sounders Sports Science Conference. He has also appeared on TV across the world, including the BBC and CNN. Reaching across sports and domains, Magness is comfortable translating lessons from athletics, coaching, science, and research to practical applications in the real world.


Frequent presenter on the following topics:
  • The Science and Art of Communication
  • Translating the Lessons from Elite Sport to your Business
  • Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness
  • The Science of Training
  • Creating a Philosophy for Training
  • Developing Endurance for Team Sports
  • Developing a BS filter
  • Balancing the Science and Art of Coaching
  • Recovery- Going beyond the physical and using psychology to enhance recovery
  • Strength Training for Endurance athletes
  • Self-Control and training


Magness has been a consultant for numerous Olympic runners, triathletes, and  professional sports teams across the world. He’s had athletes from professional soccer teams, Australian Rules Football, Australian Rugby, and many more visit to observe training in Houston, Tx. Whether it is training, nutrition, over-training, or an interpretation of medical data, Magness specializes on hard to solve cases and problems that require outside the box thinking.


Magness serves as an Advisor for the startup company RunScribe which is a wearable device that can measure a variety of running biomechanics parameters. RunScribe successfully raised over $250,000 on kickstarter.

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Recent Conferences:
  • Canadian National Endurance Conference-Vancouver, B.C. December 2011
    • 5k/10k training
  • American Distance Summit -Charlotte, NC- January 2012
    • The Art and Science of Coaching
    • 5k/10k Training
  • Gulf Coast Tx HS track coaches Clinic- January 2013
    • CC Training
  • Texas HS Cross Country Clinic- June 2013
    • Training for Cross Country
  • GAIN- Gambetta Coaches Conference- June 2013
    • The Evolution of Endurance Training
    • Applying Science to Coaching
  • Gulf Coast Tx HS track coaches Clinic- January 2014
    • Stress and Adaptation- A new model of endurance training
  • GAIN-Gambetta Coaches Conference- June 2014
    • The Process of Developing Endurance in Team Sports
    • Scientific Myths Explored
  • Capon Ridge XC- July 2014
    • Willpower, motivation, and Self Control
  • Evolution of the Athlete Conference- The University of Queensland, Australia-September 2014
    • The Neuroscience of Endurance
  • Seattle Sounders MLS- Creating the Antifragile athlete-December 2014
    • Metabolic training and conditioning for team sports
  • Kentucky Track Coaches Association- January 2015
    • Process of Endurance Training
    • How HS, college, and Pro’s actually train
    • Fun with Science- Psychology, Motivation, and Testosterone
  • GAIN- 2015- June 18-22nd, 2015
    • Houston, TX
  • Boulder Running Clinics- July 2015
    • Boulder, CO
  • Central Virginia Sports Performance- July 2015
    • Richmond, VA
  • Canadian National Endurance Conference- December 2015
    • Social Engineering and Managing the Communication Flow
    • The Magness Litmus Test: Developing a BS Filter and applying interventions
  • GAIN- June 2016
    • A year of challenging assumptions
  • St. Mary’s University- June 2016
    • Integration of Science into Practice
    • Program Design: Developing your Philosophy
  • Missouri Track Coaches Association- Decmber 2016


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