You’ll find hundreds of free articles, newsletters, and hours of audio interviews. Resources coalesced over a decade of coaching, researching, teaching, and writing. All designed for one reason: to help you–coach, athlete, or simply person– get better. Let’s get started!

What follows is my attempt to give back–a virtual school of sorts– designed to help coaches and athletes continue to refine their craft.

The Resources:

The Online Coaches Education:

Mastering The Art of Coaching Course

The Scholar Program– Exclusive Content and Insight on Coaching

The Scholar Supreme Seminar– 50-days of intensive coaching on a variety of subjects by Steve Magness and Jon Marcus

The Free Education:

The Foundation of Knowledge: Recommended Reads

Section 1: A Philosophy of Coaching

Section 2: The History of Endurance Training

Section 3: Teaching and Learning

Section 4: The Mental Game- Understanding People and Ourselves

Section 5: The World of Science

Section 6: The Mechanics of Athletics

Section 7: The Training Details

What’s this about?

Coaching Education is a broken model. It’s static, stuck in an old school model of certification courses designed to give you a certificate proudly proclaiming that you know something about coaching. They are almost all physiologically based, looking at the individual not as a person but as a science experiment for us to apply some formula in the hopes of a certain result. That’s not what coaching is or what we want it to be. Coaches don’t want a certificate; we want to understand. We want to get better at our craft.

This project is my attempt to fill that gap, and provide readily accessible, thought-provoking information designed to cover ALL aspects of coaching. It’s designed to challenge the way in which coaches learn.

So what is the school of coaching? It’s an ever-growing combination of resources organized in a way to make you develop as a coach. The first step is The Education, which is a collection of articles covering the important pieces of coaching. We don’t just cover the superficial (i.e. the best interval workout!), but we go in depth; covering real life issues and the intricate process of training complex beings.  You will find supplementary blogs, articles, books, newsletters and more designed to improve your coaching skills. This will be an ever-growing resource, with more articles posted weekly, and future video lectures to be added.

The newest addition is the HPW Scholar program. It’s an attempt to bring a personal component to coaches education. You’ll receive exclusive content, including snippets of training by world-class athletes, presentations, and guides to coaching. Check it out here.

In addition we have our online course: Mastering The Art of Coaching. This is a brand new addition to our coaching resources. It contains over 4 hours of lectures designed to take everything I’ve learned and translated that knowledge into lessons for YOU. The goal is simple: Help all of us be better at our craft of coaching, regardless of the level or the sport.

The resources continue with:  The Peak Performance newsletter, On Coaching with Magness & Marcus PodcastThe Science of Running book, the Peak Performance book and a few exciting future projects including clinics, lectures, and more are meant to supplement your development as a coach. The goal is simple– improve how coaches are educated.

Please consider subscribing to receive updates and consider looking at our additional resources mentioned below.

-Steve Magness

 Additional resources:

The Science of Running Book

Mastering The Art of Coaching Course

The Peak Performance Newsletter

 Magness & Marcus On Coaching Podcast

The Scholar Coaches Education Program

Peak Performance: The New Science of Success Book

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