We headed out to New Braunfels for XC camp and it was a blast. We got some good training in and had a lot of fun. I’ll try and post some details when I got time. School also started yesterday…fun stuff…For now here’s the log:

AM-8 at Burroughs w/ HSers- 1.75mi w/up, 16min LT, 5min R, 2×800 w/ 3min rest (2:10 (60,70), 2:17 (69,68), 1.75mi c/d- accidentally went to fast on 1st 800 (that’s what happens when you haven’t done anything like that in a while. This caused Jeremy to get dragged out to fast too, but oh well we made the mistake and corrected it).
PM-7 easy

AM-8 easy (32:50-5mi hill loop)
PM- Drove to camp- 6 easy

AM-9 2mi w/up, 20:15 LT, 2E, 7:30 LT, 2mi c/d

AM-9 easy +8x100m strides
PM-5 solid first 1.5mi then settled down

AM-8 easy
PM-6 treadmill easy to decent pace

AM-14- 2mi then 10mi hill circuit w/ HSers (32:15,33:15) and 2 more miles easy w/ Jeremy

9 easy
Strength Workout

AM- 10 3mi w/up, 5x1mi w/ 4:30ish Recovery at 10k pace (avg-4:44) 2mi c/d- felt good, stomach messed up b/c I had to crap….wayyyyyy too early, got to adjust
PM-5 shakeout

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Camp and school…

3 thoughts on “Camp and school…

  • August 29, 2007 at 11:30 pm

    Hey, good week. What are your thoughts on the World Championships (particularly the 1500 meters)?

  • September 5, 2007 at 4:50 am


    i was wondering if you could explain why one would do short hill sprints vs. long hill sprints, and the correct times of years to do either of these. for example, a MD to Dis. runner in winter base phase, precomp and comp phases.


  • September 11, 2007 at 6:29 pm


    good seeing you this morning…hope all is going well….good luck with training, man



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