This week was the first in which I felt like a runner again. That was partly because I began actual workouts and partly because I was running doubles again. The legs are going to take a little bit of time to get used to it all. but overall the week went well.

As far as I’m concerned my 2008 season starts now. Since it’s my last collegiate year, I’m going to try and do everything right, or as close as I can get to it. I’ve basically cut desserts and crap food out of my diet. This was relatively easy to do. All I had to do was not buy any of them, thus they are never in my apartment and I can’t eat them. In addition, I’m going to do a more extensive strength training routine 3 times per week. I’ve been doing this for a while and my hope is that I can take some of the strength (Note: NOT muscle size or bulk) and convert it into strength endurance and power (thus last weeks circuit workout).

I’ve pretty much got the training schedule set up, with the exception of a few specific meets. I might put part of that online, but we’ll see.

This week:

9 total LT workout
PM-4 slow, shakeout, hamstring tight

4mi shakeout
PM-8 easy

4 easy, shakeout
PM-7mi at UofH track- 40degrees, windy and raining- perfect for the first workout
2mi w/up, 3x(4×400 w/ 30sec rest) 400 jog b/t sets (1st set-65.7 avg…2nd-65.4avg….3rd-64.8avg) 1.5mi c/d.. Goal/aim was to do them at tad faster than 5k pace. So I was looking to hit 66s, so it went well. I’m not a big fan of the cold but got it in. And like always, the UofH track is always windy, never fails.

PM-8+mi w/ Anthony plus 6x100m strides

4 easy
PM-9.5mi uphill hard aerobic run on Treadmill
2mi w/up, 28:20 total treadmill at max (4,5,6,7,8degree inclines), 3 easy, 2min hard (up 9/10 degree incline)- Explanation. I set the treadmill on max (10.5mph) and then crank the incline up to 4 degrees, then I stay there for 2 songs, after 2 songs I crank the incline up for another 2 songs, and so on.

15mi doiwn cypresswood, LONG, Got to get the mind and body accustomed to pounding it out for a long period of time. That is the one thing that I missed from cross training. The body has to adjust.

8mi+ strides (10×100, 2 easy, 1 good)

AM-5mi easy
PM- 2mi w/up, track workouts
3×600 (66 pace down to 63 on last one)
3×300 63 pace down to 60
3×500 66 pace down to 63
3×200 60 pace down to 57

~2min rest, lap jog between sets, last one on each set 3sec per 400m faster, VERY WINDY

ACTUAL splits:
1:38.4, 1:37.2, 1:33.9
46.1, 46.4, 43.2
1:22.9, 1:20.1, 1:17.7
29.1, 28.4, 25.0

Excellent workout. Felt good doing it and felt easy.

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