Ice baths, Cryosaunas, foam rollers, muscle stim, recovery shakes, special pills, and on and on…recovery-modalities

What actually works?

When should we use them?

What if I’m feeling tired, lethargic, “flat”, or sluggish?

Should I use different techniques?

Tired of getting overwhelmed by all the choices?


Frustrated by the amount of misinformation out there and knowing that athletes had no idea what to use, I created my Cheat Sheet Guide to Recovery. Until now, it’s been only available to the athletes I coach. What is it? It starts with a flowchart designed to attack your specific recovery issue. Once you decide what your issue is, it lists specific guidelines for helping you get back on track! Feeling sluggish? I list the exact exercises you need to do to get some pop in your stride. Need to bounce back from a race fast?. These are all research backed and elite athlete tested methods!

Receive your Free Cheat Sheet Guide to Recovery:

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