After a two-plus year journey, Peak Performance is almost here!

I’m so excited to finally put Peak Performance in your hands. In anticipation of the launch in a few day, I’m giving away a lot of awesome items if you pre-order it now! More on that below, but first, a bit about the book.

It’s the result of over two years of investigation and interviews to understand the science of success. It’s humbling to see rave reviews from people like Dave Epstein (“I doubt anyone can read without itching to apply something to their own lives”), Adam Grant (“A transfixing book on how to sustain peak performance and avoid burnout”), Dan Pink (“This book will help you become better than you ever imagined”), and so many other individuals whom I really admire. But what I’m most excited about is having YOU experience this book. I wouldn’t be pushing this so hard if I didn’t know the research, reporting, thinking, and writing that went into it was anything but my best. My co-author, Brad Stulberg, and I poured through hundreds of books and research articles, interviewed over 50 world-class performers, and travelled the country to find answers on how to maximize performance and minimize burnout.

Perhaps more than anything, we are most proud of what sets this book apart from so many of the other “success” books out there: Peak Performance is real science, not bro-science. It’s not about hacks, it’s about developing the practices that lead to long-term growth.

Order Now and get free bonus items!

For those who order a book BEFORE JUNE 6th, we have a number of free bonus giveaways. Consider it a thank you and some extra value for you! Projects like this book are what allow me to provide so much free content, like the blog, newsletter, and podcast. Without this book, those would be impossible.

These giveaways, listed below, include exclusive PDF’s on performance and writing, along with training plans of world class athletes, and exclusive skype sessions with Brad and Steve.

Buy before June 6th, and you get the following items:

  • Buy 1 book
    • 10 Commandments of Peak Performance (PDF highlighting the main points in the book and how to apply them)
    • Principles to Improve at Writing PDF
    • Strength Training Exercise Guide
    • Power Point slides of Steve’s Presentation of The Process of Endurance Training
    • 1 entry into our giveaway contest* (prizes below)
  • Buy 3 or more
    • All of the above plus:
    • The Peak Performance Quote Book containing the best quotes and key insights from the book
    • Copy of My Cheat Sheet Guide to Training (60-page PDF!)
    • The Research Notes behind Peak Performance
    • Power Point notes of Steve’s presentation on: My Training Philosophy
    • 3+ entries into our giveaway contest* (prizes below)
  • Buy 5 or more
    • All of the above, plus:
    • Invite to an online 90-minute video-conference where you can ask Brad and Steve anything!
    • Audio recordings of a recent presentation on training.
    • Training Plan of a World Class Runner: see the exact training details for one of Steve’s top athletes
    • 5 entries into our giveaway contest* (prizes below)
  • Buy 10 or more
    • One-on-one Skype call with Brad and Steve- 60min
    • Free copy of Steve’s Online Course: Mastering the Art of Coaching ($99 value!)
    • Entered in contest for Brad and Steve to come talk to you!
    • A selection of 5 PowerPoint presentations from Steve. All about training!
    • 10 entries into our giveaway contest* (prizes below)
  • Buy 50 or more
    • Email us at and we’ll work with you to create a custom experience for you and your organization.
    • 50+ entries- one for each book- into our giveaway contest.

How do you redeem?

  2. Fill out this form and we will follow up and give you your goodies!

What if I already pre-ordered?

You’ll get everything you qualified for and if you change the number of books you ordered, we’ll be sure to accommodate.

*Contest Prizes

At the end of launch week, we will randomly select winners. You can win  the following prizes:

  • Matt Billingslea  signed Drum equipment
  • Alexi Pappas Signed TrackTown Movie Poster
  • Autograph magazine and sponsor goody bag of pro runner Neely Spence-Gracey (Top 10 at NYC and Boston Marathon)
  • Autograph picture of pro runner Natosha Rogers (US Half Marathon Champ)
  • Dave Epstein autographed copy of The Sports Gene
  • Ryan Holiday autographed copy of The Obstacle is the Way
  • Brett Bartholomew autograph copy of Conscious Coaching
  • Rich Roll autographed copy of Finding Ultra
  • Alex Hutchinson autographed copy of What Comes First, Cardio or Weights
  • Autographed copy of my first book, The Science of Running
  • 5 Books that influenced us most (Titles may include: Zen & Art, Antifragile, Antifragile, Shop Class is Soulcraft, Mastery, Obstacle is The Way, Meditations, On the Shortness of Life, Thinking Fast & Slow,  and more)

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