“Don’t jog! Only High intensity interval training!”

Outside of the distance running world, these phrases are often thrown around when it comes to development of endurance in team sports or non-running individual sports. Whether it’s the fear of creating slow athletes, or the myth that you can get all of your aerobic bang for your buck with a few HIIT workouts, on this episode Jon and I step away from running and take on conditioning in other sports.

Our goal isn’t to set out and tell coaches of other sports how to do their jobs, but instead to educate them on what in the world aerobic conditioning is actually about. We go over the importance of understanding the vocabulary of training, the nuance of speed and fatigue, and much more. We end with perhaps the most important piece of advice, “jogging” isn’t bad, you just have to be in shape to do it!

My team sport friends, if you think we’re wrong, we want to hear from you! It’s time to break down the wall and get some conversation going!

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Other Resources Mentioned:

A Brief History of Interval Training

Run, Run, Run by Fred Wilt


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    1. Tobias on November 12, 2017 at 9:52 am

      Once more a very insightful episode. Thank you very much.

      I have a question about the structural penalty. As we cannot run as many hard sessions as rowers, swimmers or cyclists can, couldn’t it be benefitial to do one to three additional hard workous in the pool?

      I know you cannot only grow in your fitness. To become a better runner you need to strengthen your tendons, ligaments etc. hand in hand with your aerobic system. But I guess it would nonetheless be an advantage to additionally work your engine with deep water running. And not only when we are injured, but all year.

      What do you think?


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