First off, I want to express my gratitude for all of you who have visited my site, read or listened to content I’ve put out, and just been a part of the exploration of performance. Without you, I would not have the time, energy, or resources to put out quality content.

When I started this site many years ago, the goal was a simple one: figure out how to coach better. I wanted to open up the information flow of coaching and get people discussing new ideas and concepts. I knew I didn’t have all of the answers, but figured if I chronicled my journey to trying to understand this crazy sport of running and the coaching that goes along with it, maybe it would help others as well.

The coaches, athletes, writers, and all sorts of performers I’ve connected with through having this platform is amazing. I am a much better coach (and person) thanks to many of you who have reached out, asked questions, or even told me I was wrong. Anything that makes me think critically is well worth my time.

As I explained in a recent newsletter, New Years isn’t a time of resolutions, it’s a time of reflections. I like to look back and understand what I learned for the year, and what that means going forward. This year was particularly exciting because of the launch of my book Peak Performance, which many of you bought (thank you!). It opened my eyes up to the world of performance outside of our little niche of running, and made me realize how important cross-domain thinking is.

In addition, I’ve joined up with good friends like Brad Stulberg, Danny Mackey, Jon Marcus, and Adam Didyk to try and take the coaching conversation to the next level. Whether that’s in the On Coaching Podcast, the Peak Performance Newsletter, the Coaching with Craft video series, or the launch of the new High Performance West educational platform, it’s been fun to collaborate and see where the conversation goes. If you haven’t checked any of those resources out, please do and let us know what you think!

My goal still remains the same: learn, education, teach, and grow. With that in mind, please leave a comment or reach out and let me know what it is you want to see. What conversations can we start together that will be valuable for us to grow? How can we create a better platform to keep the learning going?

Thanks for all of your time and here’s to 2018.

The Most Read Posts of 2017:

  1. An Analysis of Eliud Kipchoge’s Training before the Berlin Marathon.
  2. Forget The Gadgets and Hacks: Nail The Basics
  3. How to Run: Running with proper biomechanics
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  5. A Message to Speed/Power/Conditioning Coaches about Endurance Development
  6. The Insecurity of Hard work
  7. Understanding Stride Rate and Stride Length
  8. The Balancing Act- Developing Speed and Endurance
  9. Interval training-Why it’s misunderstood and what you can learn from the Igloi method
  10. The 2-Hour Marathon- What did we learn from a Scientific standpoint?

The Most Listened to Podcasts of 2017:

  1. Culture and Belonging: Interview with NAU coach Mike Smith
  2. Understanding Intervals
  3. How To Become A Champion
  4. Mastering The Marathon
  5. “If you can’t be great, be good.”

Most Popular Newsletters from 2017

1. A Top-Down Toolkit to Understand and Prevent Burnout
2. The Problem with Hack Culture
3. The Complexification of Everything: When — And When Not — to Use Data
4. Emotional Flexibility + Coach People, Not Numbers
5. How to Make Yourself Resilient to Failure — and Success



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