This episode of the On Coaching podcast is my favorite type. A rant on hot topics in the coaching and sports world. Our goal is to give you the truth, the behind the scenes answers without any fluff.

We start off with Athletic Scholarships. We cover everything from how difficult it is to obtain one, to understanding the college admissions and signing process, to evaluating schools. This is your behind the scenes look from two guys who competed and coached at the college level.

From there, we venture to Formulaic Coaching. How do we move on from a paint by numbers style coaching and what should we be looking for in our coaching development?

And finally, we dive into Core Values. Slogans that we plaster around our offices and athletic departments. What do they mean, should we utilize them, and the deep truth that your subordinates are smarter than you give them credit for. They can sniff out whether you are spewing BS or not.

We hope that you enjoy this weeks episode. And if you do, please share on social media, or let us know what you think!

Steve & Jon

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