Thanks for attending my presentation!

As promised, and as a thank you, if you purchase Peak Performance or The Science of Running within a week of the clinic, I’ll give you a bunch of free goodies, including:

  • Actual full day-by-day training plans of a selection of my Elite runners like Neely Spence, Sara Hall, Sarah Crouch, Lea Wallace, etc. See how the pro’s train!
  • Free training Plan of High School state champ, sub-9 2-miler and 11th place finisher at NXN, Ryan Dohner.
  • My Cheat Sheet Guide to Training
  • and a few more cool things I’ll send your way.

How do I get these awesome gifts?!?!
1. Buy one (or both) of the books on amazon (links below).
2. Fill out the form below.
3. Copy and paste your Amazon order # from the amazon receipt page once you have purchased. (It’s saved in your Amazon Your Orders page if you forget!!)
4. Once I get back from the conference, I’ll e-mail out all the free stuff!!



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