In the last video, you’ll find a Q&A on how I taper runners, how often we should go to the well in training, and a few more questions! Thanks for watching my entire lecture on training. My goal is always to deliver content that not only helps you become a better coach, athlete, or runner, but that makes you think!

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  • Coaching towards Independence
  • Making Coaching Simple
  • The 4 Keys  to Learning
  • Understanding the best ways to teach
  • Making better decisions.
  • Eliminating our bias that holds us back
  • Developing a BS detector
  • Sifting through Information in our modern age
  • Harnessing the power of reflection and purpose.
  • Prevent “settling”

What you won’t find are the cliche phrases and teachings that make up most coaching education systems or texts. Instead, we do a deep dive, utilizing the latest scientific research, reaching into the depths of history for lessons from philosophy, and taking advantage of the practical application of lessons learned from over a decade of coaching elite athletes at every level.


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