A Guide To: Warm-Ups, Cool Downs & Recovery

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Consider this your cheat sheet guide to the time surrounding training. We’re talking warm-ups, cool downs, and recovery in between races or workouts. This guide is a collection of easy to reference notes that I use in my own coaching to make sure that I’m making the right decisions for my athletes. I created it as a reference guide for myself and my athletes and am now passing it along to you. This document has been a decade in the making and is designed to “cut the fat” and get down to what actually matters.

What this guide will cover:


-Priming your mind and body for optimal performance

-How to rev the aerobic system and activate the neuromuscular system during a warm-up

-How to bring your body back down to normal post-race

-The optimal timing of a warm-up

-Boosting adaptations from a few key cool down manipulations

-A recovery flowchart designed to help you decide what modality to use

-Feeling lethargic, flat, stale or stressed? A guide to what to do when athletes experience any of those symptoms.

Length: 32 Page E-Book

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