The Foundations of Coaching Track Seminar


A 50-day immersive seminar on the foundations of coaching. This course is designed to give you every skill imaginable to coach the 800 to 10k at the highest level. This isn’t a course for beginners, but for the coaches who want to have the foundation to understand and develop training at the deepest level.

We sat down and asked what do we want to know? What knowledge do great coaches possess?

We break the course down into sections on:

  1. The History of Distance Running Training
  2. The Recent Evolution of Training
  3. The 10,000 foot view: Principles and Heuristics of Training
  4. Zoomed In: The Art and Science of Writing Workouts
  5. Troubleshooting: Lacking a kick, fading early, struggling with translating practice to race day?
  6. Are You Ready to Race? The Psychology of Racing


We’ve designed the training to include a wide variety of resources. From lectures to podcasts to written articles to power point presentations, we use every mode of teaching we can to ensure that the information is delivered in the best way possible.

It’s 50 days of jam-packed content. A coach created by coaches for coaches. The course that we both wish we had when we were starting out or making the transition from high school to elite coaching.

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