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A mentor is indispensable. They generously pass on their knowledge and wisdom to you, so that you can apply that to your own craft in your own unique way. In creating The Scholar Program, we wanted to do our best to mimic the benefits of having a mentor in the new online world.

While this will never replace a physical mentor, our hope is to raise the game of coaches around the world by curating content in a way that allows you to digest bite size lessons and then get back to your coaching. In developing this program, we asked runners and coaches what they wanted. The concise answer is they want the curtain to be lifted; to have a free flowing discussion on training at the highest level; to know the training plans of our elite athletes, guides to training, recovery, and nutrition, or detailed thoughts on a trending training subject.

To fill this void, we’ve created our Scholar program, which is our way of helping to take coaching mentorship to the online world. Our goal is to share as much information as possible, from the training our athletes are doing, to coaching concepts we’ve learned. Consider it your insiders look at coaching. You’ll get many of the same pamphlets and guides that we send my professional runners. Every week we add new content.

We invite you to join us on our coaching journey.

What you’ll receive:

-Continually Updated Content.

-Every topic of training covered. Don’t believe me, see a sampling of the content below.

-Behind the scenes training videos, logs, and more.

-In-depth articles on topics related to the Science & Art of coaching and running

-Mini-Podcast episodes on specific coaching Xs & Os only available to Scholars.

-Exclusive Video and Audio series including: Q and A with members, Coaching Philosophy 101, The Soft Side of Coaching, and many more.

-Interviews with experts in the field. From top notch coaches, scientists and athletes. We dive deep.

-Hundreds of hours of content.

-Comprehensive Training Excerpts of ELITE athletes past and present

-Mini Courses- We will put out targeted courses aimed at a particular coaching subject. Normally these mini-courses would cost $49 each, but they are yours free of charge.


All for just $29 per month!


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