My Training books ranked!

I get asked about what training books to read, so I’ve decided to come up with a list of the top training (textbooks excluded) I’ve read. It’s a subjective list but to add some objectivity my rankings will take into account how many pages of notes I took when reading the book (I have no life- I have like 400+pgs of handwritten notes).

I’ll add commentary later. The first time I made the list I had some, but then the computer messed up, so I’ll add it back later when I’m not lazy.

1. The Science of Winning- Jan Olbrecht- Yes a swimming book
2. A scientific Approach to the Marathon- Canova and Arcelli
3. Renato Canova Notes- not a book, but if you read all of them might as well be
4. Swimming Fastest- Make that 2 swimming books in the top 4. Yes I’m crazy
5. Better Training for Distance Runners - 2nd Edition- Coe and Martin
6. Mechanics of Athletics- Dyson
7. Training My Way- Harry Wilson
8. Running to the Top (or Running the Lydiard Way)- Lydiard
9. Road to The Top- Vigil
10. Rowing Faster- Yes a rowing book too.
11. Long Distance and Middle Distance Series by Jess Jarver- collection of books with articles
12. Run, Run, Run- Wilt
13. Running: The Athlete Within- Costil
14. The Competitive Runners Training Book- Dellinger
15. How They Train- Wilt- great book but ranks lower b/c just schedules
16. Daniels Running Formula- Daniels
17. Training With Cerutty- Myers
18. Run With the best- Benson and Ray
19. Van Aaken Method
20. Run Strong- Beck
21. Run to Win- Kenyan Training Secrets
22. Running Tough- just workouts
23. The Cutting Edge Runner
24. Fast Track- Hamilton
25 . The Runners book of training Secrets
26. Precision Heart Rate Training
27 . Runners World Complete Book of Running

There ya go. I’m sure I’ll get some criticism, but it’s welcome.


  1. it comes! Lore of Running by Tim Noakes. I'm shocked that isn't listed at all. It's been an excellent resource through four editions and should be in every serious runner's library. C'mon Steve! You're a serious runner!

    Thanks for keeping this blog and your website updated. It's been a great source of information and motivation for me over the past year. Take care, and good running.

  2. I've read Lore of Running and it ranks up there. I should have mentioned it but I put it in that textbook category so I didn't rank it.

    Thanks for the comments though. Your right LOR is one that every serious runner should have. So much info in it!

  3. Anonymous11:52 PM

    i read 'distance running' by robert lyden and thought it was ok.

  4. I'm surprised this hasn't been asked: Why the swimming books?

  5. What about the list of textbook?


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