Stimulus and Adaptation:
Physiological Model of Training- Why “zone training” is outdated
Losing Imagination- Why we all use the same interval sets
Having “Space” in your training plan- Why Density is often the neglected variable
The Dangers of Doing too Little- Why backing off can increase stress.
The Training Grind- Why it’s sometimes better to feel bad than back off.
There is a time to rest-not halfway rest: Why Sammy Wanjiru takes Sundays off
Soccer as the Battle between Endurance and Speed.
Classifying Runners- Fun with numbers
Interview on Training, Zone training, altitude, and other sacred cow myths of training
Long term development: Coaching HS, college, and professional runners
 The Myth of the Non-Responder
 The Truth About Burnout
The Balancing Act- Developing Speed and Endurance
Intervals and Speed
The Myth of losing speed
Sprint Training for Distance Runners
Sprint Training-Part 2
Anaerobic Training
Going to the well and Seeing God- How hard should workouts be?
Training to Failure: Good idea or bad?
The Stress of Life: How stress can impact your workout
How and why to use uncertainty during workouts
Do we need VO2max workouts?
Non-Specific Lactate work: Why you need it!
 Training Together: Individualizing in a Group Environment
Endurance and Mileage
Base training is NOT just easy running. Looking at Sprinter’s periodization
Aerobic Training is NOT the devil and the fallacy of muscle fiber type conversions
Is 9mi once better than 4.5mi twice? Maybe not.
Evidence for Doubling, training in glycogen depleted state
Singles, Doubles, or Triples? How many times per day should you run?
Revisiting Singles vs. Doubles- This time with Mice
Running once vs. twice per day
A Message to Speed/Power/Conditioning Coaches about Endurance Development
Strength Endurance Presentation
Strength Endurance Circuit Video
Strength Endurance Part 1: Lydiard Got it Wrong!!
Strength Endurance Development- Part 2
The final 2%
The key to running fast on race day: Muscle Tension
Do Movement Screens actually do anything?
Stress Fractures in Runners: Risk Factors and Prevention
Depleting for Performance
Why tapering can be a dangerous thing!
The Warm-Up
Rethinking the cool down AND XC coach at University of Houston
Sprint Drills and Core work, Fads?
The Science of the finishing kick
Training to Kick
Strength Training for Runners
Rethinking Core Training: Is it a fad?
Training Programs
How do we actually train?- Presentation from Kentucky Track Coaches Clinic
A Peek Inside- Training log of Ciaran O’Lionaird in build up to 3:54 mile
Kenenisa Bekele’s workout: How do we get there?
Going from Mono to State Champ
Moses Mosop’s Training
HS training: Summer Cross Country Training
HS training: Specific Endurance Development
HS training: High End Aerobic Running
HS training: Neuromuscular and speed work
 HS training: How to develop an entire plan
The World Class Performers
Part 1: African’s vs. Westerner Runners
Part 2: Should our athletes move up?
Part 3: Why can African’s close faster than their Western counterparts?
Part 4: African’s vs. Western Runners: Muscle recruitment’s role:
Part 5- Putting theory into Practice
Part 6: Kick Development
Patterns of Performance: What We All Can Learn From the Practices of Elite Athletes
How do you get to World Class? A look at the progressions of top 800m runners
How do you get to World Class? A glimpse using 5k data
 An Analysis of Eliud Kipchoge’s Training Before the Berlin Marathon


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