Philosophy of Coaching
My Rules of Everything
Finding the Right System.
Curiosity and Connection- Why the ‘boring stuff’ in training is the most important.
Science Vs. Practice- Should our training be evidence based?
The Battle Between Sport Science, Analytics, and Intuitive Coaching
Science vs. Art of coaching- What actually is Science?
When doing nothing is better than doing something.
What Actually Matters- Concepts or Details?
Crossfit endurance, Tabata sprints, and why people just don’t get it
Blank Slate: The randomness of adaptation, and why beginners just need change.
Recognizing patterns and making connections
Is it a symptom or a problem?
Complex to Simple
How Constraints Make You a Better Coach
 The Art of Being a Contrarian
New Years Reflections and Anti-Resolutions
Football is Holding Back Strength & Conditioning- A Look at Fake Toughness
My Rules of Coaching and Learning
Philosophy of Training
The Process of Endurance Training
Part 1-What’s wrong with the Traditional Physiology based training model?
Part 2: Global Change
Part 3- The Physiological Map
The Set Point Theory of Fatigue
Research on Individual response to training
Attacking Adaption from Multiple Directions
A Case for Running by Feel- Ditching your GPS because of Ecological Psychology
Common Misconceptions in Running
 Why Rules Matter, Even if we Hate Them
Philosophy of Learning
Lessons from outside the running world
Escaping the running world: Why Learning from outside sources is needed
Learning from other sports: Baseball
Learning from other Sports: CC Skiing
Thoughts and Lessons from the Olympic Trials
Outside the Comfort Zone: What I learned from hanging out with a bunch of Aussies
Coaching Conversations- Interview with coach Adam Didyk
Me and Coach Stew figure out everything…
 My Favorite Books that established connections and patterns.
 A Brief History of My Reading Patterns
 My Training Books Ranked
My Top Coaching Books of 2016
The Problem with the Hack Culture


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