Stress and Anxiety
Turn Nerves and Anxiety into Triumph
Your Brain on Altitude- How altitude can cause or prevent depression?
What happens when we take a break from running?…Depression?
Don’t Mess with Stress
The Calm Conversation-How to deal with pain
The Psychology of mental toughness: Willpower, self-control, & decision making
Digging Deep- Willpower and running
 The Secret to Resilience
Adversity, Our Deeply-Held Assumptions, and Improvement
 Fake Toughness or Real Toughness?
This is Your Brain on Racing
Mindsets and Beliefs
Resetting your set point- Changing perspectives to get to the next level
How your perceptions influence reality
Overtraining- Why a little perspective matters
The Placebo Response- belief and expectations
Recovery Addict: How overemphasizing recovery creates dependency
Rule Breaking is Contagious- How the Brain causes social concepts to spread
What changes from High School to College?
Psychology of Doping- Why we’re fighting a losing battle-
 Harnessing the Power of Belief
Performance, Patience, and Purpose
Setting Your Mind
 Deception, Lies, and Performance
 The Reality and Psychology of the Racing Slump
Why Bad Races Hurt the Most
Training Psychology
People remember the last interval-Why you should go out on a high note
Recovery Addict: How overemphasizing recovery creates dependency
Uncertainty, Randomness, and Over-control in Training
Blind Feedback Workouts- Why feedback matters and how to ignore it
 Growth Comes from Chaos
Understanding Ourselves
Why you should change your mind: The power of letting your Ego go
The Plight of the Ego Coach
What’s your bias?
Why strength coaches don’t know endurance training- Confirmation Bias
Doping, Lying, and How Your Brain Adapts to Everything
How our beliefs impact us: Strength Training, Dating, and Models
The dangers of narrowing focus: Cigarette Smoking Enhances Endurance
Why we are bad at predicting our own behavior
Step away from your Specialty
 Why the risks you didn’t take matter more than the ones you did.
Feeling stuck or in a Rut? Get out in Nature, Says Science
 Why What You Say Matters: How the Post-Race Debrief Influences Performance
Thinking Too Much: Are you an instinctual or analytical runner?


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