Utilizing Science
Sciencyness- The problem with using science to justify what you’re doing…
The Sub 2hr marathon- Why Coaches and Scientists don’t understand each other.
How to Apply Science to Coaching
Research flaws and Why there are no secret workouts.
How to spot bad science and fads- Determining whether an idea is worthwhile
Hydration- A lesson in interpretation
The history of Hydration : A lesson in the scientific method and the Hype cycle.
Non-responders-Why Science conforms to the average:
The Fallacy of Vo2max and %VO2max
Practical Implications of Fallacy of VO2max paper
A brief rant against VO2max and vVo2max
Staying in an Altitude Tent after workouts- What are the consequences?
How hypoxia/altitude works
A Scientific look at Viagra enhancing endurance performance?
Neuro-Doping: The intersection of neuroscience and performance
SEARCHING FOR STABILITY: The efficacy of unstable training
Stretching?? Is it useless?
Why Rabbiting works- It’s not all about drafting.
Research Review ACSM 2014
Research Review ACSM 2013
Research Review ACSM 2012
Stress and Recovery
Monitoring Training Stress loads- A look at workload data before a 29:04 10k
Tracking collegiate runners- sleep, stress, soreness, recovery and performance
Inflammation- To stop or not to stop? What the current research says.
Inflammation nation- Is inflammation good or bad?
Why timing matters
Stress, Caffeine, recovery, and the immune system
Measuring Galvanic Skin Response
Compression Socks
Genetics of sport- Does Doping change genes?
Altitude babies, Rats, and Epigenetics
The Genetics of Obesity: The Thrifty Gene Hypothesis
Epigenetics in Athletics Part 2: African dominance explained?
Epigenetics in Athletics Part 1: What the heck is epigenetics?


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