Injuries are the bane of any coach or athlete. They derail our seasons and sometimes our careers. In theory, injuries are relatively easy to deal with. Rest, recover, take time off. But in reality, coaches and athletes are met with much more uncertainty. Can we “train” through a bout of tendonitis? When do we pull the plug? How do we rehab back from an injury?

Not all injuries are as simple as a broken bone. In this episode we dive into the nuance of injuries, breaking down our decision making tree on how we delineate pain we can keep an eye on versus one that we have to listen to.

We cover numerous topics including:

  • Are you looking for problems or solutions?
  • What’s the impact of having a preventative mindset in dealing with injuries?
  • Are the modalities and procedures we utilize evidence-based? When do we need to deviate from the evidence?
  • Do we need to recalibrate our view of what injured athletes can do?
  • We have a heavy biological bias when looking at injuries. We need to consider the brain. Neural signatures or patterns of past injuries stick around far after the bone or tendon has healed.
  • Don’t stop working the healthy leg when injured!
  • Load is a stimulus. You need some sort of load to heal bone, muscle, and tendons!

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