And my thoughts on drugs continue…

I was browsing and came across a link to this:

Take a minute and read some of the things posted on that web site. In many cases you have average cyclists who are talking hard core about all these doping regimes. Let that sink in….average cyclists who will never be able to make the Tour de France or anything close to that doping. Read some of the stuff they have posted about their drugs of choice, the schedule and amounts taken, and how long it stays in their system and how to avoid tests.

Is that just scary or what? If you have guys who won’t even make a couple thousand from cycling going this far, what about the guys who stand to make millions? Look at some of the quotes from the page:

” I’m under 25, I cycle, and have been for years. I have had some pretty decent success, and have risen through the ranks. I’m quite satisfied with my career, so am mainly doing this out of curiosity. It’s been eating at me for quite some time. I want to see just what it’s like; much like children with cigarettes. I know it’s bad, my mommy can tell me it’ll rot my lungs, but I want to try it anyway. Besides… everybody who’s anybody is doin’ it”

Gives you a glimpse of the mindset some of these dopers go through. They justify it with themselves.

It also gives you an idea of how sophisticated this stuff really is. I know my fair share about Exercise Physiology and have read two text books on Biochemistry of Exercise and I had to go back and reread things several times just to get some sort of grasp over the things they were talking about. However, there was some in correct information on their in regards to blood work and such which led to some posters giving drug advice which would be even more dangerous and might not enhance performance.

But anyways, I just thought that that site was scary in a way. Drugs are real and they are out there, and it’s jerks like these that are ruining our sport. One last note is that if you search you will find that there are some track athletes on there. One that caught my eye was an 800m runner in college…..Now if that doesn’t depress you I don’t know what will.

If you have guys like this willing to take that kind of stuff (there talking about vetenery drugs in some cases?!?!?!) in track and cycling, what the heck do you think they do in money sports or high up in sports when you have team doctors and all sorts of sophisticated testing available.

Oh well, let the idiots cheat, I’ll still do my best to kick their ass. And if I don’t, I can live with the fact that I pushed my own body to it’s limit and found my own limit in the sport without any artificial aids.

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    1. Mike Stier on August 10, 2006 at 3:54 am


      I’ve enjoyed the posts I’ve read so far as I’ve enjoyed and benefited from your site. Thanks for putting your thoughts and knowledge out for all of us to learn!


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