Sorry for not updating for a while…

Training has been going well. I’ve had some good workouts.

Anyways, to update on my recent “projects”.

-I’m gonna use myself as a guinnie pig to test different types of trainings effect on lactate clearance. Of course it won’t be a controlled scientific experiment, but I definately think that I can find some pattern on what kind of training seems to improve lactate clearance.

-I’ll probably do a similar experiment using Lactate Threshold/Anaerobic Capacity as the things to measure. I did a similar experiment last year to see what amount of Speed/Sprint training was needed to sustain the Anaerobic Capacity while doing 100mpw of largely endurance work. The results were interesting and definately helpful in regards to my training and others future training. One of these days after I have a lot more data, I’ll post or publish it and my findings.

-I’m also doing some research on running biomechanics. I’m taking film of myself running at various speeds through the past several years and looking at it frame by frame. From the frame by frame, I’m looking at stills of different phases of the running cycle and measuring things such as the angle between the lower leg and a 90 degree angle to the ground when ground contact occurs. After that, I’ll collect data from some of the top runners in the world and compare it.

That’s about it for that stuff.

I’ll update on my racing as it goes. I’m hoping to run at Arkansas in the 2nd week of October, then USATF club nat’s in Dec. Besides that I’m looking for some bigger CC or road races between then to get into. If you know of any feel free to leave a message.

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    1. Konirunner on October 4, 2006 at 1:20 am

      Steve, just curious, do you use a computer program to analyze the angles in your footage? I know that at my school we use a program specifically designed for studying biomechanics called “Dartfish” – it’s pretty neat stuff. Anyway, just wondering if you used something similar. If you dont and want to know more about Dartfish, feel free to IM me (Konirunner). Best of luck to you!


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