Haven’t posted in a while so want to first give out some props:
-Congrats to the Klein Oak boys team for winning district and running very well at regionals.
-Extra congrats to Jeremy Warren for running a hell of a race to get 6th (15:28 3mi) at regionals to advance to state where he gave a solid effort to finish 37th as a junior. Only better things to come from him and the rest of the guys. Great season

On to my race. I jumped in a local 5k to keep the competitive juices flowing. I ended up winning the HBU 5k (or around 1:20 longer than 5k race….more on this later). It was a pretty solid race. I felt smooth and relaxed the whole way and the breathing was under control. No back problems or cramps this time either which was a plus. My form was pretty good, but not great. From the video my arms were working the best they have been. At the start of the race I was letting my feet get a little out on me though (I think as a way to hold me back….got to correct this). As the race went on though I got them underneath me better.
Race details: I ran with the pack the entire time until the kick where I put in enough effort to win. It was a really windy day (18mph winds) which kind of affected the tactics a bit. Anyways, it was a solid race for such a little race. Two former teammates showed up,Adam Davis(3:42 1500) and David Axel (9:06? steeple), along with a Polish marathoner (63min for half and 2:!4 for full). We hit the mile in around 4:46 and then I threw in a short surge to feel everyone out a bit and then settled into the race. After that is when it got interesting. See the course went out around 1 mile on pretty main roads and then went through a neighborhood for the 2nd mile and then you retraced most of the first mile to the finish. When we got past the first mile we apparantly took a wrong turn because the cones weren’t set up right and the cops directing us told us to go the wrong way. So we ended up wandering through there for a while (and everyone followed us) and when we came out at where the 2mile mark was I looked at my watch and it said 10:56 or something like that… So that’s when I knew overall times were screwed.
Somewhere after 2 miles the Polish guy surged to the front for a bit. Then I made a little surge that dropped the pack down to just me and Adam. Me and Adam ran side by side until a 100-150m left and I surged again to take the win. Our mile from mile 2 to 3 was 4:43 and that was into a nice stiff headwind. My final time was 16:07 or so for the whatever distance course it was. We figured it was about 1:20 long or so.
Anyways It was a good race. Good that the other guys showed up because it reminded me how to run with a group again. That’s about it for now. Workouts are going good. I’m pretty freakin tired after this week with a couple workouts, a race, and lots of mileage.

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Congrats and good races

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