The trip to Mt. Sac ended up being a pretty good and fun one. I headed out there with Calum and it was quiet an adventure at times. We didn’t have a car so figuring out how to get to and from the track and such was always interesting. The hotel had a shuttle but it wasn’t always on time or prompt (One time, some friends waited about 45min at the track for it….the hotel was a 5min drive from the track). Anyways, it worked out well as through all of our frequent shuttle troubles we met some Women running for the Boulder Running Company who had similar lack of transportation. That was pretty cool because it gave me and Calum some people to cheer for and gave us a little cheering section during our races.

The race ended up going okay, not great but not bad. I got the regional qualifier out of the way running 3:47.26 for 1500m but I faded a bit at the end.

Overall, the race went pretty well. It was a big field of around 20 so that meant some pushing/shoving went on and I got thrown around a little bit. I tried to stay on the outside, running in lane 2 most of the time, so that I didn’t get boxed in or stuck behind anyone. Most of the race I spent in the middle of the pack and as far as splits went I was basically even 60s or just a tad over most of the way.

I felt really good until around 200m to go. Right around then I got clipped and stumbled a little and probably tried to regain momentum a little too fast. The last 70m pretty much sucked as the legs weren’t responding, but I didn’t completely fall apart like last year.

Looking back at the race I made a couple of mistakes. I tried to relax too much during the middle of the race, thus letting my feet get out on me and getting a bit too flat.

Anyways, the day after me, Calum, and the family headed out to Disney Land. My sister gets dragged to all these track meets, so I promised her I’d go to Disney with her. We had a good time and saw the Arkansas boys there too. After spending about 8 hours at Disney, we were freaking sore!! All of that walking around killed, but it was worth it. The best ride was probably the Indiana Jones one. The worst one was when me, Calum, and my little sister all squeezed into one of those little airplane on the airplane kiddy ride where the planes circle a center spinning thing (ya i know, not the best description…) . There was literaly no room, and hopefully that picture taken doesn’t get out on the internet…

Next race is in two weeks, back out in Cali.

– Jeremy for winning both the 1600 and 3200 at district in 4:26, 9:42. He’s off to regionals next week to qualify for state.
-Ryan running 9:52 and getting 3rd at district in the 3200, and therefore advancing to regionals.
-Bryan getting two 5th place finishes at district, but PRing in the 3200 and having a seasons best in the 1600.

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