Alan webb is the man. What an incredible race by him in Belgium. Check out for a great video of it.

I decided to try and post occasional updates of my actual day to day training. I figure there’s no need to be secretive and I’ll take a lead in being open about my training. So here goes,

July 16th-22nd:

Morning-9 mi- 1.5mi w/up, 21:30 LT, 2E, 8:30 LT, 1.5mi c/d- felt good, 73-74 split at 5min
Afternoon-7mi easy

Morning-7- (6.5mi easy, 4x80m good strides of 1 good, 2 easy pattern)
mid-day- strength workout
Afternoon-8mi- 2mi w/up, 10x30sec speed variations w/ 2:30 easy, 1.5mi c/d

morn-8mi-easy on hill loop with HSers, 6:40ish pace
aft-8 easy

morn-7 2mi w/up, 8LT, 1:30E, 5LT, 1:30E, 3LT, 1.5mi c/d- felt good (4:50 pace throughout)- done after full breakfast so tough on stomach
mid-day- strength workout
aft-8 easy

morn-7- 5mi easy through mud, 6xshort hill sprints, 1xlong, 1.5mi c/d

17 with andy- 100m change of pace at 30min and a couple 15-20sec surges in last mile

10 w/ andy at golf course
mid-day- strength workout

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Alan Webb is the man…..My week of training

3 thoughts on “Alan Webb is the man…..My week of training

  • July 23, 2007 at 9:15 pm

    Nice! You should keep this up!

  • July 24, 2007 at 12:13 am

    Steve, could you give an example of your strength workout?

    Nice to see you updating!


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