This will be a short entry as I’m off to London for vacation. SHould be a pretty sweet trip. I’m looking forward to running in a new (and cooler) place. Besides the regular vacation junk, I’ll be attending my first european meet and it’s a big one (Norwich Union London Grand Prix). So far, I know Webb’s on the entry list so should be a good one.

AM-10- 1.5mi w/up, 20:15 LT, 2E, 8LT, 1:30E, 6:45 LT, 1.5mi c/d
PM-6mi easy

AM-8mi easy, plus pool plyos
PM-8 easy

AM-8 easy w/ HSers
midday- strength workout
PM-8 3mi easy, progression run last 5mi w/ andy, last 2mi we were really moving (on a full stomach from dinner 15min before too)

AM-8 easy
PM-7 2mi w/up, 10x30sec speed variations w/ 2:30 easy, c/d

To answer a question, my strength workout varies, but it’s mostly body weight stuff. Takes 40min or so. A mixture of ab work, and upper and lower body stuff. Nothing fancy. Lower body stuff varies but includes single and double leg squats, lunges, step ups, quick touches, single leg stair squats, and sometimes wobble board squats.

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    1. Anonymous on August 2, 2007 at 7:08 pm

      Out of curiosity, what type of shoe(s) do you wear?

      Keep up the good work!

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