A good but tiring week of work so far.

morn-9- 1.5mi w/up, 13LT, 2E, 7LT, 2E, 5LT, 2mi c/d, 4x100m strides- HOT and HUMID- legs felt great, everything else like crap. Got to get readjusted to it.
aft-8 easy

morning- 5 at UofH- checking on my mechanics w/ coach T- 2mi w/up, 6x100m w/ 50m easy jog b/t, 4xfast 70m accelerations w/ Gary the Australian sprinter, 2mi c/d
mid day- strength
aft-8 easy

aft-7 2.5mi easy, 8xspeed variations (30,35,40,45,40,35,30,25sec) on 3min, 1mi c/d

morn-8 w/ the HS guys 1st 5mi hill loop (31:40ish), very good for them, coming around nicely
aft-6 easy

14.5-15 last mile pickup to ATish (5:20-30ish)
Sam Houston w/ the HS guys. Excellent run through the woods. Great run for jeremy, ryan and Cody as we went a little farther than we expected due to some excellent navigation by myself… Will also got tough today.
After that, the parents grilled up some burgers and we showed off the mad volleyball skills (err okay we all pretty much sucked except jeremy, but me, coach harwell’s, and will’s team dominated with our 2 wins). Good day of work followed by some tiring fun.

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