I’m finally feeling back to normal again and have gotten in some good training. It took me a while to get over the sickness. From Saturday until Tuesday I felt bad, but then on wednesday I started to feel a lot better and by Friday I was almost normal again. The only thing that lingered through the weekend was that I couldn’t breathe out of my nose.

Enough about being sick. I just finished another solid running book titled C.C. Pyle’s Amazing Foot Race. The topic of the book is a very interesting one. You can read the synopsis on Amazon.com but the basic jest of the story is that about 200 runners entered a race across the United States put on by a very interesting promoter (he was Red Grange’s agent for you football fans out there). The runners were a different group of people from all over the world and they traversed a new and shoddy route 66 in horrible conditions. The book was obviously well researched and the author did a very good job on a story in which he had no first hand contacts. The only negative I found was that sometimes the author seemed to lose grasp that it was an actual race, as the standings of the runners throughout the book was shoddy. But that does not take away from the fact that it is an excellent story and one worth reading.

Lastly, before giving the weekly training log, some props to the Klein Oak boys cross country team as they are state and regionally ranked for the first time this season. (#5 in the state and #7 in the NTN south region). well deserved and only better things to come now that championship season is coming up.

The past week’s training:

morning-3 felt like crap
afternoon-5 very slow

morning-4 easy, sick
afternoon-6 easy, feeling a little better

morn-7 easy
afternoon-7mi of 1.5mi w/up, alternation fartlek, 2:50 hard, 2:00 medium, 2:50 hard, 2M, 2:20 Hard, 2:40 M, 1:40 H, 2min rest, 1:40M, 1:40 Hard, 1mi c/d……felt better, limited the volume so I didn’t go to the well. About 4:40 pace on the hard parts

morn-7 easy
aft-7 easy

morn-6 easy
aft-9mi at Burroughs of:
2mi w/up, 3x2400m w/ 3-4min rest, alternating hard 400(10k or faster) and LT 400 (1st-66,71,70,73,69,75 2nd-67,75,67,76,2:25(no measurement on last 800)…..3rd-66,74,71,76,68,62, 2.5mi c/d (last 800m of 1st and 3rd included step hill loop, 1st 800m of 2nd was up mags to pavillion hill)

14.5 with andy, started easy progressed to solid pace last few miles

10 easy

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    1. Rich Englehart on October 25, 2007 at 3:59 am

      I don’t know how many readers you’re getting, but I’m glad you’re putting this stuff on the net. Best of luck.

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