I’ve been down and out with a small injury, thus the lack of updates. It’s tough to get back into the normal routine when you are cross training instead of running. You really don’t feel like doing the normal things you do when you are running (i.e. update logs, check out running related websites,books,etc.). Luckily I caught it early enough and I’m only out for 2 weeks or so.

So here’s my cross training edition of my log for the past couple of days. Most of it is stationary biking. I got some training on a really crappy elliptical while I was on the family vacation and have made the trip to the pool twice, but I have a stationary bike at home so that works best:


PM-60min swim workout- lots of stuff… swimming laps, kicking, no arm backstroke, no legs breaststroke, 20min water running w/ no flotation with no hands surges, 50m reps of underwater swimming w/ out taking a breathe, some 25m “sprints” w/ fins


AM-biking on stationary-60min-21ish miles HR mostly in 140 range


AM-40min biking plus 20min elliptical- avg HR 135- 60min total


AM-biking- 20min w/up (117HR), 10min LT( gradually up to 175), 3E (down to 132), 6 LT( up to 178), 2E (down to 143), 4 LT (up to 182), 17:30 c/d (avg- 125)

PM-45min swim workout- laps and kicking of various kinds, no deep end so no water running

AM-30min elliptical (HR avg- 136) 30min bike (avg=143)
PM-60min biking recovery (126 HR)


AM-60min-bike- avg HR-140ish range- 21miles

PM-Bike-20min w/up (HR-110), 15 LT(up to steady state of 171), 3E (down to 142), 10 LT (up to 176 steady), 3E (down to 135), 4 LT(up to 175), 1 Hard (up to 188), 15 c/d (down to 1:30) recovery and c/d were backwards biking. LT part was at 38-39kmh speed, hard was up to 45kmh.

AM- 75min biking- 25miles- HR 134
midday- 40min strength circuit
PM- 50min biking with 10x30sec speed variations in the middle, HR-avg 148

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